Re: [Bitcoin-development] BIP32 Index Randomisation

2015-03-13 Thread Matias Alejo Garcia
Could you describe what exactly BWS does? Sure. BWS tasks are: * Coordinate Transaction proposals in multisignature wallets: provide an 'always connected' node to distribute pending transaction proposals and receive the signatures from peers. * Coordinate and store BIP32 derivation indexes.

[Bitcoin-development] BIP32 Index Randomisation

2015-03-12 Thread Matias Alejo Garcia
Hello everyone, We are working on bitcore-wallet-server (BWS), a HD multisig wallet 'facilitator'. We have a couple of questions regarding BIP32 path usage, and we would love to have feedback from you before moving forward. Currently the BWS instances hold the set of extended public keys of the

Re: [Bitcoin-development] moving the default display to mbtc

2014-05-02 Thread Matias Alejo Garcia
I live in Argentina. Here, 1BTC is around half of a monthly average wage (net), so, as you can imagine, the value of 1 BTC is *very* inconvenient for everyday transactions. Also it presents an important entry barrier for new adopters: It would be easier to accept buying thousands of bits than

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Testnet block explorer

2014-02-16 Thread Matias Alejo Garcia
Hi Melvin / Mike, Ive been working on Bitcore and Insight next to a BitPay team for the last few weeks. We are happy to receive patches, suggestions and bug reports from you guys at: Insight also provides some blockchain query capabilities at its