Re: [Bitcoin-development] replace-by-fee v0.10.0rc4

2015-03-01 Thread Neil Fincham
Seems like a good deal, what am I missing? The disruption caused to every other user or the bitcoin network. Transactions unconfirmed, history is rewritten, the poor Byzantine General who sent his soldiers off to battle finds out that his scouts have been paid to change their reports. Neil On

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Abusive and broken bitcoin seeders

2014-07-30 Thread Neil Fincham
I am also seeing these quite bit on my p2pool box. Right now it is just a bit of (mostly) harmless spam but in the future I can see this kind of thing being used in DDOS attacks and deep scans to gather information to be used to harm the bitcoin network. We could easily block them but then they

Re: [Bitcoin-development] smart contracts -- possible use case? yes or no?

2013-09-28 Thread Neil Fincham
I subscribe to this list so I can keep up-to date with bitcoin development, can we keep philosophy and tax evasion out of it? Neil On 29 September 2013 09:15, wrote: But the regulatory environment in many geographical regions in uncertain. Do we need to pay