Re: [Bitcoin-development] Reconsidering github

2014-08-29 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 2:02 PM, Jeff Garzik wrote: It would be nice if the issues and git repo for Bitcoin Core were not on such a centralized service as github, nice and convenient as it is. Despite my complaining about github, I don't like the idea of moving somewhere

Re: [Bitcoin-development] ASIC-proof mining

2014-07-07 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Just as an aside to this lengthy convo, the Cryptonote-based BCN recently had some interesting updates which made it easier for ordinary computers (nothing special) to handle it. I realize that's not Bitcoin, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Thanks Mike. Indeed, I am aware of current

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Anyone still using SOCKS4?

2014-07-07 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Wait, I thought SOCKS4 was supposed to help somehow in terms of prevention of leaking of information? Or maybe I am misremembering. Here's what I'm thinking of... 1) 2) More regarding TOR, I keep seeing these warnings

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Anyone still using SOCKS4?

2014-07-07 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 8:34 AM, Odinn Cyberguerrilla wrote: Wait, I thought SOCKS4 was supposed to help somehow in terms of prevention of leaking of information? SOCKS4a (unlike SOCKS4) supports doing DNS lookups on the server, but it is not supported

[Bitcoin-development] CoinJoin bounty fund question

2014-06-17 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Hoping that this is the right place for this, I am asking a question as to what happens with what is in the CoinJoin bounty fund address at: (a P2SH / multisignature address) I encouraged people to donate to it in late 2013

[Bitcoin-development] Incentivizing the running of full nodes

2014-06-16 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
I have been noticing for some time the problem which Mike H. identified as how we are bleeding nodes ~ losing nodes over time. This link was referenced in the coindesk article of May 9, 2014:

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Bitcoin Cooperative Proof-of-Stake whitpaper

2014-05-21 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
I completed a whitepaper for Bitcoin a proof-of-stake version which uses a single nomadic verifiable mint agent and distributed replication of a single blockchain by compensated full nodes to achieve 6-hop, sub-second transaction acknowledgement times. Plus it pays dividends to holders

Re: [Bitcoin-development] BIP70 proposed changes

2014-05-05 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
I am curious if the Android developer who had been working on two factor authentication and bitcoin had worked toward an open issue or pull request? I had been looking around for some sign that this had occurred but hadn't found it, I am interested to know what is the progress in this area (in a

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Bug in key.cpp

2014-05-05 Thread odinn . cyberguerrilla
You are right there is a bug in there. But the value is not 25% I think. Tinker some more. :-) I think i see a bug: line 273 of key.cpp if (rec0 || rec=3) return false; Afaict, 3 is a perfectly valid value, meaning 25% of sig- key recoveries would fail

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Bitcoin for W3C Payments Workshop, March 24-25

2014-03-19 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
I wish to state that I fundamentally disagree with this proposal of use cases for W3C payments workshop. Please read my following explanation and then do what you will: At one time I was invited to join the Web Payments conference calls. I considered it and then declined due to the very CLAs

Re: [Bitcoin-development] moving the default display to mbtc

2014-03-14 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Hello, I see a lot of talk on this topic and get the senst that it is focused on default display only regarding the mBTC / uBTC questions. However, if the focus is broader, involving whether or how to express other currencies or moving further along to what that might even mean (since many

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Multisign payment protocol?

2014-03-11 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Hello, I wanted to just add a very brief note to this discussion, that presently for multisignature creation and management (new transaction etc) I've been using this: There were some initial bumps in the road but they were worked out, see full thread more or less

Re: [Bitcoin-development] New side channel attack that can recover Bitcoin keys

2014-03-05 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
One wonders also re. bitmessage, though that may not be relevant to this particular list. On Wed, Mar 05, 2014 at 11:21:52AM -0500, Kevin wrote: On 3/5/2014 7:49 AM, Mike Hearn wrote: A new practical technique has been published that can recover secp256k1 private keys after observing OpenSSL

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Is this a safe thing to be doing with ECC addition? (Oracle protocol)

2014-03-03 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Nothing is safe. Take risks. Engage one trouble at a time. Perform unexpected actions. Observe the results. Rinse and repeat. Ignore the lions. They too shall pass. Do not sleep under a roof. Carry no money or food. Go alone to places frightening to the common brand of men. Become a

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Fee drop

2014-02-25 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
So, just to be clear, we're adding, say, a memory limited mempool or something prior to release so this fee drop doesn't open up an obvious low-risk DDoS exploit right? As we all know, the network bandwidth DoS attack mitigation strategy relies on transactions we accept to mempools

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Fee drop

2014-02-25 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Am suggesting a (possible) mitigation of [possible flooding, etc], via some kind of discussion (potentially process BIP, related to bundling and / or randomization) not now, but down the road. However, needs more thought and analysis (you mentioned code audit?) before it could be floated around

Re: [Bitcoin-development] bitcoind json API (gettx/raw) (newbie questions #2)

2014-02-18 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Hey everybody, here's another question that I have: I'd like a small bit of clarification about the gettx / getrawtransaction (decoded) api call. I understand that I can find the address that a transaction output is directed at / available to for future use sits in the vout array in the

[Bitcoin-development] Malware authors and best practices for addressing the issue from development / licensing perspective or other

2014-02-09 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Hello, I have a request, which is how do developers address the circumstance in which someone utilizes your code as part of some effort to deprive (or steal as the case may be) someone of their bitcoin? This hasn't happened to me, but I have posed a question about it at bitcointalk:

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Extension for BIP-0070 to support recurring payments

2014-01-27 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Greatly appreciate seeing this discussion occur. This is something that potentially could be supported through a bounty - possibly a process BIP? Possibly related: Yes, recurring payments and subscriptions is a frequently-requested feature. It

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Bitcoin Core 0.9rc1 release schedule

2014-01-18 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
ABISprotocol hat: on regarding: stuff not getting into blockchain in a day's time, microdonations not facilitated as much as they could be, that would be: very bad much news such fail Seriously, that would not be so good. Hope I made you laugh a bit vendor hat: on BitPay sure would like

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Bitcoin Core 0.9rc1 release schedule

2014-01-18 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
that may implement aspects of the ABIS concept as presented, but it is in very very early stage(es). I hope you had a good laugh, that was my intent. good morning / afternoon / evening On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 9:11 AM, Odinn Cyberguerrilla wrote: ABISprotocol

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Stealth Addresses

2014-01-15 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Yes. Good idea(s). Might I propose reusable address. I think that describes it best to any non-programmer, and even more so encourages wallets to present options as 'one time use' vs 'reusable'. It definitely packs a marketing punch which could help drive adoption. The feature is only

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Stealth Addresses

2014-01-14 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Hello Peter et. al. As I read more into this stealth discussion I am curious to know what you think of the background microdonation concept I posted recently. It is shown in full here Given the lengthy nature of the concept as

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Dedicated server for, your thoughts?

2013-12-10 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
I've been lurking on this convo since it began, but I wanted to say thanks, theymos cheers to you all and yay for decentralization, wherever it leads. -odinn muh latest: On Sun, Dec 8, 2013, at 03:11 PM, Drak wrote: It's not just about trust, there is the

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Dedicated server for, your thoughts?

2013-12-07 Thread Odinn Cyberguerrilla
Hello, re. the dedicated server for idea, I have a few thoughts 1) I have commented in a blogpost of August 2013 at with some thoughts relative to possible issues with CA related to - where I mentioned something relative to the DigiCert