Re: [Bitcoin-development] Request for review/testing: headers-first synchronization in Bitcoin Core

2014-10-15 Thread Rebroad (sourceforge)
Hi all, I've also been spending a few months coding upon the change's Pieter has been making with the headersfirst8 pull request. My code updates are also ready to test, and are available on github at and the branch is sipa-headersfirst8-patches. I've made a

[Bitcoin-development] Decreasing block propagation time

2014-10-01 Thread Rebroad (sourceforge) The idea proposed in the above article seemed like an excellent idea. What is holding this up from being implemented? Does someone need to code it, or write a BIP first? --

[Bitcoin-development] Fwd: Service bits for pruned nodes

2013-04-30 Thread Rebroad (sourceforge)
As part of a roadmap for block downloading, I think this may be a good time to look into providing an HTTP/HTTPS protocol for block downloading - this would also allow web proxies to cache blocks and thus make it more accessible, as well as cater for resumeable downloads.

[Bitcoin-development] block difficulty - inherently stable or inherently unstable?

2012-05-08 Thread Rebroad (sourceforge)
I was just thinking about the way block difficulty is calculated, and how people may (in future) decide whether to mine or not. Is it possible that when the difficulty is low, many will decide to mine, producing blocks every 3 or 5 minutes, and then in 1 week, bitcoin will increase the

[Bitcoin-development] Potential network split when individual tx used as coinbase?

2012-05-05 Thread Rebroad (sourceforge)
Hi, Looking at: It appears that 8 months ago the code was changed to DoS(100) nodes sending on txs that use individual txs as the coinbase. Does this mean txs that are 0 confirmed? If so, then,

[Bitcoin-development] free tx rate limiter potentially causes more traffic not less?

2012-05-05 Thread Rebroad (sourceforge)
I recently was dabbling with AskFor() and changing the time waited from 2 minutes to 10 seconds (I think perhaps this value may change in future versions when network tuning is implemented). I noticed that, when used with the -limitfreerelay option that is causes significant increase in traffic

[Bitcoin-development] BIP to improve the availability of blocks

2012-04-30 Thread Rebroad (sourceforge)
Dear Bitcoin developers, In brief, the proposal I have is to extend the protocol to allow partial block download and upload. This is for people with intermittent connectivity or restricted connectivity. e.g. my own internet connection is quite slow, and my ISP routinely sends RSTs to both sides