Re: [Bitcoin-development] Proposal: MultiBit as default desktop client on

2013-07-08 Thread Robert Backhaus
But... Multibit is Java. Java's security problems has made it an instant uninstall item on windows PCs for about a year now. Java exploits are a dime a dozen. Yes, you can reduce some of the problems by manually disabling the browser plugin, but how many users will do that? Recommending a fast

[Bitcoin-development] Tentitive port for FreeBSD

2013-05-24 Thread Robert Backhaus
this evening. Again, any comments very welcome. The files are available at Thanks, Robert Backhaus. -- Try New Relic Now We'll Send You this Cool Shirt New Relic is the only

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Double Spend Notification

2013-05-21 Thread Robert Backhaus
Not at all - ACK from me, fwiw. Any attempt at a double spend should be shouted from the housetops. What Miners should do with that is still up for debate, it seems. My opinion is that they should hold on and attempt to confirm the first, letting it go only if a conflicting transaction is mined

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Double Spend Notification

2013-05-20 Thread Robert Backhaus
Personally, I agree, but a different decision has been made by the main devs. The issue is this: consider two transactions in the unconfirmed pool. One transaction has 2BTC input, 1.5BTC to one address (the payment), .4995 to another address (change) and .0005 standard fee. Another transaction

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Double Spend Notification

2013-05-20 Thread Robert Backhaus
, 2013 at 3:24 AM, Robert Backhaus wrote: So the decision has been made to make 0-conf double spends trivial, so no one will ever trust 0-confs. If a later transaction appears with a larger fee, it will be considered to be the valid one, and the first one dropped

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Service bits for pruned nodes

2013-04-28 Thread Robert Backhaus
While I like the idea of a client using a DHT blockchain or UTXO list, I don't think that the reference client is the place for it. But it would make for a very interesting experimental project! On 29 April 2013 13:36, Gregory Maxwell wrote: On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 7:57 PM,

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Roadmap to getting users onto SPV clients

2012-12-05 Thread Robert Backhaus
On 5 December 2012 19:43, Gary Rowe wrote: I would like to chime on on the user experience of the SPV client (in particular MultiBit). Without exception, everyone that I have introduced Bitcoin (which is a lot of people) have expected an instant-on experience. It has to