Re: [Bitcoin-development] Deprecating Bitcoin Core's regtest-specific `setgenerate` behaviour

2015-04-12 Thread Sean Gilligan
I would recommend adding the new method and deprecating (as in warning against using) the old one for one major release. Then removing it altogether in the following major release. I have written a Java RPC client and Groovy/Spock functional tests that

Re: [Bitcoin-development] On Rewriting Bitcoin (was Re: [Libbitcoin] Satoshi client: is a fork past 0.10 possible?)

2015-02-19 Thread Sean Gilligan
On 2/19/15 9:30 AM, Mike Hearn wrote: Java/JNA bindings can be used from Python, Ruby, Javascript, PHP as well as dialects of Haskell, Lisp, Smalltalk and a bunch of more obscure languages like Scala, Kotlin, Ceylon, etc. It makes more sense to talk about bindings to particular runtimes