Re: [Bitcoin-development] Why are we bleeding nodes?

2014-05-20 Thread bitcoingrant
Recently China has updated its firewall blocking bitcoin sites and pools. Whether this is simple blacklist or moresophisticatedpacket targeting is uncertain, however this update did spefically target VPN handshakes. Sent:Monday, April 07, 2014 at 1:07 PM From:Drak To:Mike

[Bitcoin-development] Modularizing Bitcoin

2013-05-16 Thread bitcoingrant
One of the primary upcoming priorities for bitcoin’s infrastructure, beyond the bloom filter, will be the continued modularization of the system. Here at the Bitcoin Grant, we would like to jump start this development with a financial incentive and initiate an ongoing conversation on how we can

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Modularizing Bitcoin

2013-05-16 Thread bitcoingrant
our estimates: ~8000 - Original Message - From: Addy Yeow Sent: 05/16/13 06:27 AM To: Subject: Re: [Bitcoin-development] Modularizing Bitcoin Such developments would significantly strengthen the system. Modularization would make cancer attacks less likely and