Re: [Bitcoin-development] Proposal to address Bitcoin malware

2015-02-01 Thread
This video demonstrates how HSBC uses a security token to verify transactions online. Since it's not very widely used outside of Austria and Germany, this may be interesting for some: there is a second factor scheme called cardTAN or chipTAN where

Re: [Bitcoin-development] About watch-only addresses

2014-10-20 Thread
This is just a guess, but I can imagine sipa's address index branch might be more suitable for an use case where information about any address is required - jmcorgan continued to maintain a usually somewhat up-to-date version: As for balance

[Bitcoin-development] Synchronization: 19.5 % orphaned blocks at height 197'324

2014-08-10 Thread
Hello all, I'm currently synchronizing a new node and right now, at a progress of a height of 197'324 blocks, I count in my debug.log an aweful amount of 38'447 orphaned blocks which is about 19.5 %. It has been I while since I watched the synchronization process closely, but this number seems

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Abnormally Large Tor node accepting only Bitcoin traffic

2014-07-27 Thread
These website list Tor nodes by bandwidth: And the details reveal it's a port 8333 only exit node: