[Bitcoin-development] New release of replace-by-fee for Bitcoin Core v0.10.1

2015-05-03 Thread Peter Todd
My replace-by-fee patch is now available for the v0.10.1 release: https://github.com/petertodd/bitcoin/tree/replace-by-fee-v0.10.1 No new features in this version; this is simply a rebase for the Bitcoin Core v0.10.1 release. (there weren't even any merge conflicts) As with the Bitcoin Core

[Bitcoin-development] CLTV opcode allocation; long-term plans?

2015-05-03 Thread Peter Todd
Matt Corallo brought up¹ the issue of OP_NOP scarcity on the mempool only CLTV pull-req²: I like merging this, but doing both CLTV things in one swoop would be really nice. Certainly if we're gonna use one of the precious few OP_NOPs we have we might as well make it more flexible. I

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Relative CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY (was CLTV proposal)

2015-05-03 Thread Matt Corallo
On 04/21/15 07:59, Peter Todd wrote: On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 10:22:13PM +, Matt Corallo wrote: In building some CLTV-based contracts, it is often also useful to have a method of requiring, instead of locktime-is-at-least-N, locktime-is-at-least-N-plus-the-height-of-my-input. ie you could