[Bitcoin-development] standardize on bitcoin signed ecies ?

2014-08-26 Thread Mem Wallet
Does anyone see a value in a standardized PGP-style message, which would allow someone performing a bitcoin transaction to send signed encrypted messages using only public and private bitcoin keys ? I'd like to propose a signed encrypted message protocol, in case someone see's value in encoding

[Bitcoin-development] cryptographic review requested

2014-09-23 Thread Mem Wallet
Hello, I've made a proposal for a standardized ecies scheme for bitcoin communication. To address gmaxwell's criticism, I'd like to also follow up with a proposed change to BIP44, such that a structured wallet would also include a series of identity keys, both addresses which will be used for

[Bitcoin-development] bitcoind as a library

2014-11-27 Thread Mem Wallet
Two minor observations: DecodeBase58Check is listed as inline, but isnt actually inlined in the header. This makes it both non-present in libbitcoin_common.a and unavailable to other code that would use libbitcoin_common.a as a library. (bug?) In general, the hierarchy of tools is poor/weak. for

[Bitcoin-development] bip44 GPG identities - POC demo

2015-03-07 Thread Mem Wallet
If anyone is interested in using a bip44 Wallet to generate deterministic GPG identities, I have implemented a demonstration in javascript. http://memwallet.info/bip44ext/test.html this allows a user to manage a GPG identity for encryption and signing with zero bytes of permanent storage. (on

[Bitcoin-development] BIP proposal -- wallet extensions

2015-02-23 Thread Mem Wallet
Working on a proposal for extensions based on bip44 conventions. Most interesting is: Fully Deterministic GPG keys. https://github.com/taelfrinn/bip44extention Would welcome any comments or interest -- Download BIRT