Re: [Bitcoin-development] DOS-Attacks on bitcoin-client?

2013-04-07 Thread Oliver Egginger
Am 07.04.2013 17:22, schrieb Scott Howard: Many new users have started using the reference client which downloads the whole blockchain from peers. Yes I have made a clean start because of the the new database structure. There currently isn't a throttling mechanism [1] so it's possible to

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Malleability and MtGox's announcement

2014-02-10 Thread Oliver Egginger
Am 10.02.2014 13:28, schrieb Pieter Wuille: Hi all, I was a bit surprised to see MtGox's announcement. The malleability of transactions was known for years already (see for example the wiki article on it, it, or mails on this list from

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Fake PGP key for Gavin

2014-03-22 Thread Oliver Egginger
Am 22.03.2014 18:03, schrieb Mike Hearn: In case you didn't see this yet, If you're using PGP to verify Bitcoin downloads, it's very important that you check you are using the right key. Someone seems to be creating

[Bitcoin-development] Ubuntu LTS Packaging?

2014-04-12 Thread Oliver Egginger
Hello, so far, nothing yet? See: I'm developing currently a LiveCD for hot/cold wallet management on Ubuntu LTS basis. For critical vulnerabilities I have to provide timely updates. I have now decided to maintain my own repository for this project. If there are

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Ubuntu LTS Packaging?

2014-04-12 Thread Oliver Egginger
Am 12.04.2014 17:34, schrieb Matt Corallo: Hmm? It's up to date... 0.9.1 doesn't change anything for dynamically-linked-to-openssl builds. Okay, my mistake. Sorry to trouble you, but good to know that you are here. regards Oliver

[Bitcoin-development] Update alert false positives

2014-04-19 Thread Oliver Egginger
Hello, bitcoin-qt produces on many systems an unnecessary alert: URGENT: Upgrade required: see; Especially the stable channel is affected: This is a bit frightening for normal users. I think the best would be

Re: [Bitcoin-development] bits: Unit of account

2014-04-20 Thread Oliver Egginger
Hello, just my two 'cents': Terms arises by itself. Just as most people speak of coins when they mean bitcoins. I do not see that bitcoin is currently in common use except for speculation. Therefore no term for smaller units has established yet. No problem in my eyes. Time will tell. - oliver

Re: [Bitcoin-development] RIP Hal Finney

2014-08-29 Thread Oliver Egginger
Am 28.08.2014 um 22:21 schrieb Matt Corallo: I'm sure many of you have already seen this, but Hal Finney passed away on Tuesday. No, I have not noticed yet. I did not know him personally, but it still makes me sad now. Last year he wrote on Bitcoin Talk in a thought-provoking way about his

Re: [Bitcoin-development] BIP process

2014-10-16 Thread Oliver Egginger
15.10.2014 at 20:13 Mike Hearn wrote: For a project that is based on digital signatures, it's really bad that the mailing list is incompatible with Yahoo's mail signatures must be valid policy. # Mailman: Do not break existing DKIM signatures DEFAULT_SUBJECT_PREFIX = DEFAULT_MSG_HEADER =

Re: [Bitcoin-development] bitcoind as a library

2014-11-28 Thread Oliver Egginger
On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 6:54 PM, Wladimir wrote: On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 5:27 PM, Mem Wallet wrote: Is there an intention that the various internal libraries could/should be strengthened and heirachicalized such that they would be suitable for 3rd

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Block Size Increase

2015-05-13 Thread Oliver Egginger
08.05.2015 at 5:49 Jeff Garzik wrote: To repeat, the very first point in my email reply was: Agree that 7 tps is too low For interbank trading that would maybe enough but I don't know. I'm not a developer but as a (former) user and computer scientist I'm also asking myself what is the core