Re: [Bitcoin-development] Missing fRelayTxes in version message

2013-06-19 Thread Paul Lyon
I’m also running into this exact same issue with my parser, now I understand why the relay field behavior I was seeing doesn’tmatch the wiki. So to parse a version message, you can’t rely on the protocol version? You have to know how long the payload is, and then parse the message accordingly?

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Why are we bleeding nodes?

2014-04-07 Thread Paul Lyon
I hope I'm not thread-jacking here, apologies if so, but that's the approach I've taken with the node I'm working on. Headers can be downloaded and stored in any order, it'll make sense of what the winning chain is. Blocks don't need to be downloaded in any particular order and they don't need

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Economics of information propagation

2014-04-21 Thread Paul Lyon
I haven't done the math on this, so it may be a terrible idea. :) I've been wondering if block propagation times could also be improved by allowing peers to request the list of transaction hashes that make up a block, and then making a follow-up request to only download any transactions not