Re: [Bitcoin-development] Proposal: remove getwork RPC from bitcoind

2013-08-21 Thread rob . golding
It appears that we will soon be at a hashrate where all the desktop CPUs in the world couldn't really make a dent in it... certainly not desktop cpus using the slow integrated cpu miner, I thought the integrated miner was retired a version or so ago - I dontrecall seeing it for some time in

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Blockchain archival

2013-09-07 Thread rob . golding
bitcoin protocol needs an archival system so the blockchain doesn't become too big to download Some people may want it all ... Balance at Point-In-Time summaries (say up to the penultimate difficulty adjustment) would be one simple way. And make new-adopters get up and running in minutes not

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Blockchain archival

2013-09-07 Thread rob . golding
(there's no way to be completely trust-free without this). Not quite true, as I said balance-at-point-in-time would solve that (and make the storage requirements much lower) If going that route, then solutions to the 'consolidate addresses/wallets' question and formal 'discard' of

Re: [Bitcoin-development] smart contracts -- possible use case? yes or no?

2013-09-28 Thread rob . golding
But the regulatory environment in many geographical regions in uncertain.   Do we need to pay capital gains?   Do we need to pay a sales taxs etc. etc. In most regions it's not only 'simple' but trivial - BTC is just 'another currency' and accounted for exactly the same way - it doens't

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Merge mining

2013-12-31 Thread rob . golding
But there's so much 'dry powder' out there (GPUs), I wonder if *not* supporting merge-mining is any better? At least the attacker has to do some unique PoW, so you hope it's costing them something. With lots of people having access to 100TH+ there's not really much 'cost' to doing a 51%

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Getting trusted metrics from the block chain in an untrusted environment ?

2014-01-09 Thread Rob Golding
My program should run on lightweight/embedded hardware. The execution environment provides access to the Bitcoin network but not enough resources to set up a trusted node along with my program. So you want to 'benefit' from the network without contributing to it ? I would need a way to ask

Re: [Bitcoin-development] DNS seeds unstable

2014-05-16 Thread Rob Golding SERVFAIL, tried multiple ISPs 60 IN NS but isn't responding to dns queries (as at 18.10 GMT 2014-05-16) that would be a fundamental problem with the dns infrastructure for that domain (and

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Proposed alternatives to the 20MB step function

2015-05-10 Thread Rob Golding
How much will that cost me? The network is hashing at 310PetaHash/sec right now. Takes 600 seconds to find a block, so 186,000PH per block 186,000 * 0.00038 = 70 extra PH If it takes 186,000 PH to find a block, and a block is worth 25.13 BTC (reward plus fees), that 70 PH costs: (25.13