Re: [Bitcoin-development] BIP 21 (modification BIP 20)

2012-01-30 Thread thomasV1
Regarding the idea of a signed URI, it is appealing, however, it may not work. If I understand it correctly, the main idea appears to be to protect a URI from malicious replacement No. The main idea is to protect the consumer against a malicious seller pretending that he has not been paid.

Re: [Bitcoin-development] BIP22/getmemorypool

2012-06-11 Thread thomasV1
discussion back here. The executive summary: Pieter and I feel like BIP 22 is overly complicated, and would like it to be simpler. I'd especially like to hear what people think will be the will be used by lots of pool customers features and what are the will be used by less than 5% of pool

[Bitcoin-development] Proposal to replace BIP0039

2013-10-24 Thread thomasV1
I would like to propose a new BIP, that replaces BIP0039. My initial problem was that BIP0039 is not backward compatible with Electrum. When trying to solve that, I realized that the seed encoding used in Electrum does not help, because it does not contain a version number information.