Re: [Blackbelly] Lambs missing

2011-08-15 Thread Stephan A Wildeus
Mary, We have lost some newly born lambs to eagles in the past, so fence were no help. We have had no further problems after we introduced guard dogs (they were introduced because of coyote though not the eagles). Regards, Stephan -Original Message- From:

Re: [Blackbelly] Blackbelly in Germany

2012-11-30 Thread Stephan A Wildeus
Just a quick note on the BB in Germany. During my recent trip to attend the Nolana meeting in Germany it was explained to me that many or most Barbados Blackbelly in Germany stem from a donation from the communist party in Cuba to their communist colleagues in what was then East Germany. Hence

Re: [Blackbelly] dispatching gun

2015-03-30 Thread Stephan A Wildeus
and cons on different types of guns and ammunition to be used. Regards, Stephan Stephan Wildeus, Ph.D., PAS, Dipl. ACAP Research Professor – Small Ruminants Box 9061 Agricultural Research Station Virginia State University Petersburg, VA 23806 e-mail: Ph.: 804-524-6716 Fax: 804