[BlindHandyMan] Touch Lamp Interference Problems

2006-07-31 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Robert This is the article I was looking for Touch lamp problems Personally, I think touch lamps are one of the dumber uses of technology to appear on this planet but that is just my opinion :-). These are susceptible to damage from voltage surges or just plain old random failures. In

[BlindHandyMan] How to Trouble Shoot Lock Problems

2006-08-02 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Have a problem with a door that will not lock or latch properly? These difficulties fall into two general categories: those related to the lock set or key, and those related to the door's frame and latch assembly. If the lock mechanism is broken Steps: 1. If the key turns but does not

[BlindHandyMan] How to Clean or Replace Your furnace Filter

2006-08-02 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Has it been more than a month since you ventured into your furnace's filter area? Then it's probably time to clean or replace this dust and dirt catcher to prevent you from sneezing your way into winter mornings. A clean filter maximizes your furnace's efficiency and longevity-- and minimizes

[BlindHandyMan] How to Maintain a Window Air Conditioner

2006-08-03 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi When a window air conditioner cools poorly, it doesn't necessarily mean you're in for an expensive trip to the repair shop. It could be the machine just needs a good cleaning and some tender care. Steps: 1. Remove the front grill. Pry it off with a putty knife if it's held by clips, or

[BlindHandyMan] How to Replace a Blown Fuse

2006-08-03 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi The next time someone turns on the hair dryer, microwave and toaster oven all at once and sends your house's circuits into a tizzy, be prepared. If you live in an older home with electrical circuits protected by fuses, keep replacements on hand. Identify and test a blown fuse Steps:

[BlindHandyMan] How To Make Your Own Car Fluids and Sprays

2006-08-03 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi You can make an inexpensive anti-fog glass spray to keep your bathroom mirrors and the inside of your car's windshield fog-free. This solution keeps condensation from collecting on these surfaces. Steps: 1. Pour 2 ounces of white vinegar in a medium sized bowl. 2. Add 1 quart hot

RE: [BlindHandyMan] How to Relight a Gas Water Heater Pilot Light

2006-08-06 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Betsy I would say it is but I will check and see. Always follow your water heater instructions for your particular Brand as I do not have a Gas Water Heater. Lets here for those who do. Regards Ray -Original Message- From: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On

RE: [BlindHandyMan] How to Replace a Plug

2006-08-06 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Max I thought it seemed wrong. The Earth prong out here is flat but wider than the others but this is on a 15 amp outlet. -Original Message- From: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Max Robinson Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 2:31 PM To:

[BlindHandyMan] How to Determine the Pitch of Your Roof

2006-08-07 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Measuring your roof's pitch isn't as daunting as you might think. The pitch, or slope, of a roof is expressed as the distance a roof rises vertically over a 12-inch horizontal distance. So a roof that rises 6 inches vertically for every 12 inches horizontally has a 6/12 pitch. Steps: 1.

[BlindHandyMan] How to Install a Closet Rod

2006-08-07 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi When is a hang-up good? When it's a secure rod or pole to hang your clothes on. Here's how to make sure those clothes and what they're hanging from stay put. Steps: 1. Decide how much weight you'll need this closet rod to support. Your choices may be anything from a simple tension rod for

[BlindHandyMan] How ton Understand the Parts of a Deck

2006-08-07 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Constructing a deck will be much easier once you are familiar with the correct terms for the various elements of a deck. Though there are some differences between attached decks and freestanding decks, for the most part the following elements remain the same. Steps: 1. Concrete support

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Skill Saw

2006-08-07 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Jewel Can you tell me is this is a Chain Saw or a Table Saw. -Original Message- From: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Jewel Blanch Sent: Tuesday, 8 August 2006 12:47 To: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com Subject: [BlindHandyMan] Skill Saw Tell me:

[BlindHandyMan] How to Install a Motion Sensor in Your Home

2006-08-08 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi There are two types of sensors designed to detect motion in a room of a home - a passive infrared sensor (PIR) and a dual-technology sensor, which includes passive infrared and microwave. Budget considerations will influence your choice. Selecting the Sensor Steps: 1. Survey your home

[BlindHandyMan] How to Put Wood Trim on A Door

2006-08-08 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi It's easy to add a new style of trim to a door. The job won't take long once you get the hang of it. Getting Ready Steps: 1. Choose the style of door trim - there are many available. Check photos from the Internet or magazines, or at home improvement centers and lumberyards (the best

[BlindHandyMan] How to Put Wood trim on a Window

2006-08-08 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi To put the finishing touches on interior window trim, you need only a few tools - but also a plan. There are several styles to pick from; we'll take a look at the most popular. Getting Ready Steps: 1. Choose the style of window trim - there are many available. Check photos from the

[BlindHandyMan] How to Replace Broken Garden Tool Handles

2006-08-08 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi It's bound to happen eventually: If you work with tools long enough, they will break, especially if you push them to the limit. Broken handles on shovels, rakes and hoes are easy to replace. Steps: 1. Purchase a new hardwood handle to replace the broken one. Ash is a very strong and

[BlindHandyMan] How to Operate a Snow Blower

2006-08-09 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Anyone who lives in snow country knows that the snowblower is one of the most time- (and back-) saving inventions of all time. Steps: 1. Decide which of the two types of snowblowers you need. A single-stage blower whirls the auger at high speed. A two-stage blower with a slower-moving

[BlindHandyMan] How to Use a Pressure Sprayer

2006-08-09 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Fertilizing or applying pesticides can be done with a pressurized sprayer. Sprayers come in either plastic or metal, and in a wide range of sizes; some backpack sprayers have a pump handle so you can keep up the pressure inside the tank without having to take off the backpack. Here's how to

[BlindHandyMan] How to Choose a lawn mower

2006-08-09 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Choosing the right lawn mower can simplify lawn mowing and keep the grass looking healthy. Compare features and cost, but also be sure you understand what type of mower is best for your yard. Steps: 1. Compare weight, power, cost, safety features, ease of starting, handling and

[BlindHandyMan] Understanding Your Sites Solar Orientation

2006-08-09 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Choosing the ideal place for a swimming pool or vegetable garden requires an understanding of your property's solar orientation ' you'll need to know where the shade and sun will be all year. Steps: 1. Observe the shadow cast by your house and other significant structures on the property

[BlindHandyMan] Tips for Pressure Washing Concrete

2006-08-09 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Pressure washing is a great way to clean the grunge and grime from concrete driveways, pathways and patios. By using a pressure washer properly, you'll eliminate ugly oil stains and the danger that someone will slip on slick dirt or muck. Steps: 1. Assess your project and develop a plan

RE: [BlindHandyMan] How to Buy a Microphone for Speach

2006-08-11 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Max I will correct this tonight and resend. Thanks Ray -Original Message- From: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Max Robinson Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2006 1:28 PM To: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [BlindHandyMan] How to Buy a

[BlindHandyMan] How to Install Beams for a Deck

2006-08-14 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi After you set the posts in place, you are ready to install the beam. The beam runs parallel to the ledger board to hold the joists in place. Steps: 1. Buy or build a beam of length suitable to the width to be spanned. 2-by-4s can be nailed together with plywood spaces to make the width of

[BlindHandyMan] How to Install Joist Hangers for a Deck

2006-08-14 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Joist hangers, metal fasteners that attach joists to ledger boards, are inexpensive and can save you time when you're building your deck. Steps: 1. Mark where each joist will be placed on the ledger board, starting at the outside corner. (Joists should be spaced on 16-inch

[BlindHandyMan] What to Look for When Buying a Storage Shed.

2006-08-14 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi For people without a garage or basement to store their garden necessities, a prefabricated shed can be a lifesaver. Sheds and shed kits for every budget are available at home and garden centers, and online at sites such as Gardensheds.com. Choose a size and material that works with your

[BlindHandyMan] How to Make a Compost Bin from a Garbage Can

2006-08-15 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Compost is nothing more than decomposed plant material, so you don't need a fancy bin to make your own compost. You can create compost in a heap on the ground, but most gardeners think that containing your compost pile makes it look tidier. Here's how to make compost in a recycled garbage

[BlindHandyMan] How to Cut Styrofoam

2006-08-15 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi If you cut Styrofoam incorrectly, the plastic foam may crumble or break in the wrong spots. Try these cutting methods the next time you work with a piece of Styrofoam. Steps: 1. Use a waxed serrated knife, saw, floral knife or other craft knife to cut Styrofoam sheets and shapes. Draw the

[BlindHandyMan] New Tool Review, Tile Cutting Saw

2006-08-15 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi GMC LSTSAW Laser Tile Cutting Saw Review So you've made more than a hundred woodworking projects, spent endless hours in the workshop, and now its time to renovate the bathroom, kitchen or laundry area and your significant other wants you to do it! Tiling may not be your specialty, but if you

RE: [BlindHandyMan] How to Make a Compost Bin from a Garbage Can

2006-08-15 Thread Boyce, Ray
cream bucket? Sheila -Original Message- From: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Boyce, Ray Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 4:09 PM To: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com Subject: [BlindHandyMan] How to Make a Compost Bin from a Garbage Can Hi Compost is nothing

[BlindHandyMan] How to Lay Paving stones in Concrete, Sand, and Gravel

2006-08-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Laying paving stones in concrete gives them a permanence not found with sand or gravel bases. This is the preferred base for close-fitting paving stones arranged in specific patterns. Steps: 1. Remove turf and topsoil to a depth of the stone plus 2 inches. If you plan to park cars on the

[BlindHandyMan] How to Determine the Correct frame Size for Your Bike

2006-08-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Fit should be the main consideration when buying a new bike. After all, even the most expensive bike won't seem that great if it's too big or too small. Steps: 1. Measure your inseam. This is best done barefoot. Stand against the wall and put a book between you legs so it pressed right up

[BlindHandyMan] Caring for Your Bowling Ball

2006-08-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi A bowling ball is a very sturdy item and, with simple care, it can last you for a lifetime. Upgrade your ball as technology improves them, or as your technique necessitates it. Steps: 1. Store and transport your ball in a proper bowling ball bag. 2. Avoid dropping your ball (mostly for

[BlindHandyMan] How to Make Manure Tea

2006-08-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Manure tea works like a power shake for plants, helping them grow stronger and more productive and, evidence suggests, holding diseases at bay. It's a snap to make. And not to worry: if you use well-cured manure there's no unpleasant odor. Steps: 1. Fill a metal bucket one-third full of

[BlindHandyMan] How to Make Simple Wheelchair Modifications to Your Home

2006-08-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Extensive remodeling of a dwelling can be costly, but a few simple steps and modifications can economically enhance wheelchair accessibility. Indoors Steps: 1. Remove loose carpets or rugs. 2. Change doorknobs to lever-type handles. 3. Replace narrow doors with pocket

[BlindHandyMan] How to Turn Broken Ceramics Into art

2006-08-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Crash! Your heirloom vase just took a dive and is now resting in pieces. The end. Or is it just the beginning? With a folk craft known as pique assiette, or shard art, you can give the pieces new life as a mosaic picture frame, flowerpot, tabletop or whatever you can dream up. Steps: 1.

[BlindHandyMan] Repairing Chair Straps and Webbing

2006-08-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Spending a little time each fall performing some maintenance and repair--along with a good cleaning--will keep your chairs looking good for years to come. Installing a vinyl chair strap Steps: 1. Turn the chair upside down. If the damaged straps are held on by metal screws, remove the

[BlindHandyMan] How to Choose the Correct Paint Roller

2006-08-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi A roller consists of a handle, a cage and a roller cover, also known as a sleeve. Here's how to pick a quality paint roller for the job. Steps: 1. Choose a handle made of steel and equipped with a plastic grip that is threaded to accommodate an extension pole. 2. Be sure the cage

[BlindHandyMan] How to Control Roof Leaks

2006-08-17 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Treat a leaking roof as an emergency, because it can wreak havoc in your house in a very short time. Attend to any signs of a roof leak, such as water entry, stains or mold, immediately to limit damage. Locate the leak from inside and then take steps to control the damage until you can have a

[BlindHandyMan] Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

2006-08-22 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Maintaining your pool is easiest when your chemical treatment program and your filtration system work together. Here are the basics. Maintaining Your Pool Steps: 1. Sanitize your pool with a stabilized chlorine product to provide protection against bacteria, These generally come in

[BlindHandyMan] How to Landscape Around a Swimming Pool

2006-08-23 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi By selecting the rights plants in the landscape near your swimming pool, you will assure safety for pool users and minimize pool maintenance. Here are some tips. Steps: 1. Consider container plants, which are easy to tend, replace and rearrange. One additional advantage: Frost-sensitive

[BlindHandyMan] 3 Compound Mitre Saw Reviews

2006-08-23 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi There are 3 Reviews here so please Read to the End While the engineering behind the design of the Hitachi C 12RSH was undoubtedly challenging, the result for the user is surprisingly simple. All SCMS have a knob that locks the saw's power head on its guide rails. The Hitachi C 12RSH has a


2006-08-23 Thread Boyce, Ray
Cleaning Oil Spots from a Driveway or Garage floor A big oil spot in the middle of your driveway can make the most meticulously maintained home look dingy. Whether a leak from your car or someone else's created that mark on your concrete driveway, garage floor or sidewalk, it can all be

[BlindHandyMan] Fix Shower Door Problems

2006-08-23 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Once installed, a shower door requires little maintenance other than frequent cleaning and occasionally tightening a screw. You can easily take care of the few problems that may arise. Cleaning a shower door Steps: 1. To minimize soap-scum buildup, use a squeegee after you shower to

[BlindHandyMan] Shock Absorbers, Worn Out What to Look For

2006-08-24 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi When it is time to replace your factory shocks, you may want to consider replacing the stock shock absorbers with sport or adjustable shock absorbers. Steps: 1. Consider how your car rides. If you have worn-out shocks, your car will experience the following: excessive rebound or float,

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Weed Killers

2006-08-27 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Dan Put a Weed Mat under your Deck Regards Ray -Original Message- From: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Dan Rossi Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006 12:22 PM To: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [BlindHandyMan] Weed Killers So, what do I use

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Drill Doctor

2006-09-01 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi I bought the 300dd you do not need sight because the set up arms grab the drill in the set up port and as long as you have the drill pushed in and turn it to lock then it is in the correct position to tighten the chuck before removing You then put it into the cutting port and turn it to the

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Drill Doctor

2006-09-01 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Dale I am going to sharpen my masonry bits later on today I will let you know whether it is successful or I have destroyed my machine. There is one in particular needs my attention because it hit some reinforcing mesh in the cement when I was locking down the frame I made for my air

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Spring Time in Australia

2006-09-02 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Don Sure will let you know how it goes, he wants all the old rails for fire wood for next Winter that saves me cutting them up and dumping them. I bought 2,000 tex screws will not need all of these but I have a project in mind and the left over screws will come in handy for this, With my tex

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Spring Time in Australia

2006-09-03 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Lee I think I might train one of these bloody kangaroos as a Handy Man Helper for they have a Pouch where you could keep tools and screws while doing your handy man jobs . They move so quickly that you could say hop back to my shed and get me the saw etc The only thing is if you upset them

RE: [BlindHandyMan] How to Create an Emergency Road Kit for your Car

2006-09-06 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Victor Generally you carry items in Case something happens. You may never need anything at all. But they are there as a safe guard. For example when we went to Queensland between Towns there was nothing for sometimes 600 to 700 kilometres if you had a problem out there then if you did not

RE: [BlindHandyMan] How to Servive If Your Car Breaks Down

2006-09-06 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Cy Very good advice the preparation before a trip is crucial, for as much trouble free motoring as possible and having spares on hand helps. Regards Ray -Original Message- From: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Cy Selfridge Sent: Thursday,

[BlindHandyMan] How to Choose an UninterruptiblePower Supply

2006-09-11 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the most effective way to protect your computer hardware and documents from power fluctuations. It also lets you continue to work during brief power failures. Steps: 1. If you have a limited budget, choose a standby (also called off-line) UPS that

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Source for Braille watch (with alarm)

2006-09-12 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Check this Web Site Out http://www.maxiaids.com/store/prodList.asp?idstore=1idcategory=82categ ory=Braille_WatchescurPage=3sortField=dateAdded+DESC -Original Message- From: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of jeremy Sent: Wednesday, 13 September 2006

[BlindHandyMan] Expansion and Contraction Joint Fillers

2006-09-14 Thread Boyce, Ray

[BlindHandyMan] Cracking Check List

2006-09-14 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi CRACKING CHECKLIST If a crack appears overnight in your previously intact brick house, don't panic. It is not the first step in the total disintegration of your whole home. Most cracks require cosmetic treatment only. The majority are not indications of grave structural damage. Remedies can

[BlindHandyMan] How to Buy a Chain Saw

2006-09-20 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi How to Buy a Chain Saw If you own land, a chain saw can be a great time and money saver. Instead of using an ax or calling in a landscaper to remove broken tree limbs, bring down dead trees, or cut firewood -- you can do it yourself. If you need a chain saw only once, consider a rental. Most

[BlindHandyMan] Choosing the Correct Hinge

2006-09-20 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi How to Choose the Right Hinge A hinge consists of two wings held together with a pin called a pivot pin. Some are made for either right- or left-handed openings, while others are specifically for one or the other. Hinges can be recessed by sinking them in a mortise. Steps: 1. Choose a

[BlindHandyMan] FW: Canadian Home Workshop Newsletter - September 2006

2006-09-25 Thread Boyce, Ray
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, 26 September 2006 01:17 To: Boyce, Ray Subject: Canadian Home Workshop Newsletter - September 2006 Experiencing difficulties? Try our web based version at http://www.canadianhomeworkshop.com

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Neighbor's Pets

2006-09-25 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Hailley Now Dogs Although dogs make great pets, there are many times when wild populations or dogs left to run loose can present problems. This article will address some of these problems and offer solutions to these problems. The devices listed can be used for both wild dogs, roaming dogs and

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Neighbor's Pets

2006-09-25 Thread Boyce, Ray
: [BlindHandyMan] Neighbor's Pets Thanks again..Do I buy some of this stuff at a pet store or hardware store? - Original Message - From: Boyce, Ray [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 8:07 PM Subject: RE: [BlindHandyMan] Neighbor's Pets Hi

[BlindHandyMan] 5 Tips to Better Stick Welding

2006-09-26 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi FIVE TIPS TO IMPROVE STICK WELDING Shellfish can make you a better welder. Simply think about CLAMS: Current setting, Length of arc, Angle of electrode, Manipulation of the electrode and Speed of travel. If you're just learning the Stick process, technically called Shielded Metal Arc Welding,

[BlindHandyMan] Understanding the Basics of Grease

2006-09-27 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS OF GREASE Since lubricating oil can oxidize, so can the base oil in grease. When the grease oxidizes, it usually darkens; there is a build-up of acidic oxidation products, just as in other lubrications. These products can have a destructive effect on the

[BlindHandyMan] New Wood Plastic Composites

2006-10-04 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Wood-plastic composites, often used for such things as outdoor decking, are one of the fastest growing components of the wood composites industry. Some projections have suggested that these products, which were used for less than 1 percent of decking in the mid-1990s, may capture 20 percent of

[BlindHandyMan] New Tool Review

2006-10-08 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Wagner MMC220 Digital Moisture Meter Review Ever built a project out of wood and found out later that nothing really stayed square, you found cracks or checks in the timber used or something badly warped not long after you completed it? Perhaps you were using lumber that was too wet, i.e. it

[BlindHandyMan] Engine Oil Viscosity How Important Is It?

2006-10-08 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi SECTION 1 This may get a little long, but I want to share with you some of the things I learned in my locomotive days. I worked with the engineers for Sulzer, a Swiss manufacturer of diesel engines, with Mobil and with a couple of filter companies, one of which made most of the house brand

[BlindHandyMan] Motoring Questions

2006-10-11 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Some of today's most modern car engines can reach 100,000 miles before their first scheduled tune-up. Unfortunately, there is no 100,000 mile miracle motor oil to protect them. After a few thousand miles or kilometers of service, virtually every commercial motor oil becomes contaminated with

[BlindHandyMan] New Tool Review

2006-10-17 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Ever come across a need to sand something and your regular assortment of power sanders just aren't the right tool for the job? If so, then you might be keen to check out the Blow Fly sanding attachment. Designed by the same individual who came up with the Easy-Riser kit for drill presses

[BlindHandyMan] Talking Tape Measure

2006-10-19 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Please see details of this Talking Tape Measure. Description A 16 foot standard metal tape measure that announces the measured length with an accuracy of .06 of an inch. Just turn it on and pull it out to the length of the object or distance being measured, and the distance will be announced

[BlindHandyMan] Sticker Gum

2006-11-07 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Edward Answer: Goo Gone works great on removing adhesives left behind by stickers, store stickers, gum, etc. It is found in Sears Hardware Stores and other department stores. HTH Ray ** This message and its attachments may

[BlindHandyMan] More on Home Made Cleaners

2006-11-07 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Making your own simple and effective products is fun and economical. We think you will be happily surprised with the results. Air Fresheners Most commercial air fresheners do not freshen the air at all. Instead, they mask one odor with another, coat your nasal passages with an undetectable

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Measuring inside diameters

2006-11-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Either use a pair of inside callipers and then transfer this measurement to a pair of outside callipers. Or place a piece of thin rubber or vinyl over the hole to be measured and with a ball pane hammer place the ball end over the rubber or vinyl and hit this with another hammer thus making a

[BlindHandyMan] How to Buy Lumber for Your Project

2006-11-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi A successful do-it-yourself project starts with good wood. At first you may think there's a secret lumberyard code when you confront the many types and dimensions of wood. But once you take time to learn how the industry assigns grades and determines sizes, it's easy to choose and order the

[BlindHandyMan] How to Choose Ceramic Tiles

2006-11-16 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi There's staggering variety of ceramic tile available - how do you decide what's right for you? Here are some guidelines to follow. Consider Function Instructions * STEP 1: Be sure that the tile you're looking at is suitable for your application. Some rugged tiles can be installed outdoors

[BlindHandyMan] New Tool Review

2006-11-23 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Everyone GMC Hobby Tool Kit Review Whether you dabble in woodwork, electronics, home renovation, general craft, or any other hobby, GMC's Hobby Tool Kit has something you might need. Let's take a look at the package and discover what it contains and whether it offers value for money or

[BlindHandyMan] FW: Canadian Home Workshop Newsletter - Winter 2006

2006-11-26 Thread Boyce, Ray
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2006 9:04 AM To: Boyce, Ray Subject: Canadian Home Workshop Newsletter - Winter 2006 Experiencing difficulties? Try our web based version at http://www.canadianhomeworkshop.com

[BlindHandyMan] Gutter Guards

2006-11-28 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi A clogged gutter is like having no gutter at all. Gutters should be kept free of leaves and other debris so they don't clog and overflow and cause damage to the exterior of your home as well as to the foundation. To avoid these problems a homeowner must make sure to clean gutters and

[BlindHandyMan] Washer drive Systems

2006-11-28 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Washer Drive Systems Belts, Couplers, Clutches Many domestic clothes washers today still use a drive belt of one type or another, and these LOOK like common 'V-belts' that can be bought at any auto-parts store. But: They're NOT! Be aware that most of these belts also serve as the spin

[BlindHandyMan] Making Your Refrigerator Door Seals Last Longer

2006-11-28 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi How to Add Years of Life to Your Refrigerator's Door Seals Here's a simple trick that will most likely prevent your ever having to replace either of your refrigerator's door seals. It becomes even more valuable if you own one of the newer models whose seals are no longer attached with

[BlindHandyMan] How to Quickly Test Remote Controls

2006-11-28 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Yes you will need some sighted help for this. If you're like me, you have 5 or 6 remote controls that wander all around your living room. We're even seeing them used in major appliances, air conditioners being the most common so far. When one of them stops working, here's a simple way to

[BlindHandyMan] What Is Concrete

2006-12-06 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Building: What Is Concrete? Concrete for building is made by binding together, with cement and water, particles of fine aggregate and coarse aggregate. Fine aggregate is usually sand, the particles of which are less than 3/16 in. diameter, but it may consist of fine particles of crushed

[BlindHandyMan] Building Plastering Mixing and Surface Preparation

2006-12-06 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Building Plastering - Mixing Surface Preparation To mix cement plaster, the cement, with or without 10% of lime, should be mixed thoroughly with sand until the colour is uniform. The water is then added gradually while mixing continues and until the required consistency is obtained or until

[BlindHandyMan] Plaster Work Methods and Techniques

2006-12-06 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Plaster Work - Methods, Materials Techniques This process and the provision of additives during manufacture, determine the type and grade of building plaster, which have different setting and hardening times. Different types and grades are usually sold under brand names. To ensure that

[BlindHandyMan] Building Foundation An Introduction F.P.s.F

2006-12-06 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi In traditional building construction if you built in a climate where the ground freezes you had to make sure the foundation of the building was below what is called the frost line to prevent frost damage to the foundation. In many climates, this meant building an entire basement under the

[BlindHandyMan] Thinking About Buying an Old Saw, Follow these Tips

2006-12-07 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Tools - Buying Old Saws There's an old saying that goes, Never trust a used car salesman. The same can probably be said about anybody who sells anything that has been previously owned. Let's face it, most owners don't really take care of their toys and if they've given them up or chucked

[BlindHandyMan] Soldering Series Part 7

2006-12-11 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Smith-Kettlewell Soldering Series: Part 7 SK Technical Files Technical Files Soldering Series Smith-Kettlewell Smith-Kettlewell Soldering Series Part 7 Table of Contents Soldering I Soldering II Soldering III: Tinning Stranded Wire Soldering IV: Popular RF Connectors Soldering V: RCA and

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Any Radio Show archives that discuss setting up a woodworking shop?

2006-12-14 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Max The first step in setting up a workshop is establishing your needs. A suitable location for the workshop must be determined. Workshops can be located in the home or garage, but ideally the basement or garage are very suitable locations. You should plan for future expansion prior to

[BlindHandyMan] Microwaves Explained

2006-12-14 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi How long does microwave energy hang around? You have probably been warned by your mother: Wait a few seconds (or minutes) after the beep for all the microwaves to disappear. There is no scientific basis for such a recommendation. Once the beep has sounded (or the door has opened), it is safe.

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Gift Wrapping Tips For Men

2006-12-18 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Dan Do you mean all the E-mails you send are not really you, and that a person saying it is you is sending these what a let down. Ray From: blindhandyman@yahoogroups.com [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Jewel Blanch Sent: Tuesday,

[BlindHandyMan] New Tool Review

2006-12-18 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi All Triton (TBD1500) Belt and Disc Sander Review The Triton company has always been known as a company which produces quality and innovative tools. When the company came under the grasp of emerging tool giant, Global Machinery Company, many woodworkers wondered whether the Triton name and

RE: [BlindHandyMan] finishing

2006-12-19 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi French Polishing is the name given to the process of coating wood with a solution of shellac dissolved in alcohol, using a rubber made of rag and cotton wool instead of with a brush. The alcohol evaporates, leaving the shellac deposited upon the wood. When applied correctly it

[BlindHandyMan] Rubbing Out a Finish

2006-12-19 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Rubbing Out A Finish What makes the difference between a good finish and a great finish? Rubbing out the finish. From the second you start rubbing the finish, you start to improve the surface tremendously. The main objectives are to remove any small dust nibs that have gotten trapped in the

RE: [BlindHandyMan] screws

2006-12-20 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Well it would depend on what you are trying to screw together but here is a screw guide taken off our Blind Handy Man Files area. Screw Comparison Guide. Use this Screw Comparison Chart to help choose the right screw that best fits your application. Compare Screw Heads, Screw Threads and

RE: [BlindHandyMan] Staining Difficult Woods

2006-12-20 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Geoff Thank you for the complement I do go to a lot of trouble in finding interesting articles and then editing them so they read ok with our screen readers. We have on our blind handy man files area thanks to Dave an ever growing reference library of some interesting articles on many

[BlindHandyMan] Light Probes Available Here.

2007-01-17 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi All There are some light probes available at Please see url below The cheapest is about $24 http://www.independentliving.com/searchprods.asp ** This message and its attachments may contain legally privileged or confidential

[BlindHandyMan] Prevent Home Electrical Fires

2007-01-17 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Prevent Home Electrical Fires Electrical problems are the cause of more than 40,000 home fires in the United States each year. On average, these fires claim close to 350 lives, injure 1,400 and result in $700 million in damages according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Arc

[BlindHandyMan] Working with Copper Pipe

2007-01-17 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi All Working with Copper Pipe It's probably safe to say that copper water lines are in the majority of American homes and for good reasons. Copper is relatively easy to work with, it is accepted by plumbing codes, does not impart any objectionable odors or flavors to water, and it resists

[BlindHandyMan] Working with Steel Pipe

2007-01-17 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Everyone Working with Steel Pipe Chances are if your home is more than 30 years old, you have some steel piping. This steel piping may be for plumbing supply lines or a gas piping system. The material of choice for plumbing these days, however, is plastic or copper. Copper, either rigid or

[BlindHandyMan] An Alternative Trim the Power of Plastic

2007-01-18 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi All Plastic-Composite One alternative, plastic-composite trim, is manufactured from a combination of recycled wood fiber and plastic. A variety of plastics can be used, such as high-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and styrene. The use of wood fiber reduces the cost of the

[BlindHandyMan] A Bit on Hammer Drills

2007-01-18 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi Hammer drills are the most popular homeowner products for light-duty masonry work and occasional concrete work. Hammer Drills These days hammer drills are available in both the corded and the more convenient cordless models. Some are dedicated hammer drills; some are rotary drill/drivers with

[BlindHandyMan] What's New In Drill Bits.

2007-01-18 Thread Boyce, Ray
Hi All Twist Drill Bits Twist drill bits are some of the most common shop tools. They're available in a wide range of sizes, point and twist shapes, and these days they're not only available in standard industrial-grade steel, but also in exotic materials including titanium coated, black oxide

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