[BlueOnyx:11846] Re: apache sender shows localhost.localdomain

2012-12-20 Thread Fungal Style
sorry to interrupt, I was just clearing my hotmail inbox wen I saw this I had a a similar issue when setting up my primary name server, in the log files of SSH attacks (yes even as I was setting up someone in Cjina was trying to hack into me, true story) it showed localhost as the host

[BlueOnyx:11902] Re: new sites redirecting to default site

2013-01-05 Thread Fungal Style
Hi Roy, Just had a quick read but you may want to confirm the tick is out of 'Web Alias Redirects' as this will mean all subdomains will redirect to the main domain... in your case transfer.site1.com will redirect to www.site1.com Hope this helps... Regards Brian From:

[BlueOnyx:11903] Re: new sites redirecting to default site

2013-01-05 Thread Fungal Style
Roy, The second part where other FQDN redirect to the root domain name of the server, it would indicate that DNS was not running... is it happening for ALL domains on that server? Regards Brian Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 14:02:14 -0500 From: rur...@usa.net To: blueonyx@mail.blueonyx.it

[BlueOnyx:11904] Re: Need to remove a rejected IP

2013-01-05 Thread Fungal Style
Hi all... I suspect this would not be an issue for a production machine, but iptables rules are removed if the server is restarted, correct? Brian Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 19:06:26 -0500 From: tigerw...@tigerden.com To: blueonyx@mail.blueonyx.it Subject: [BlueOnyx:11896] Re: Need to

[BlueOnyx:11942] Re: Blocking brute force SSH login attempts

2013-01-09 Thread Fungal Style
As far as I know... yes and no BO will block accounts and IPs that are attempted to be brute forced, but the account needs to exist, well that has been my experience I tend to use the iptables and block /32 or if it is from China or other known hacking countries then a /24 is a

[BlueOnyx:11944] Re: Blocking brute force SSH login attempts

2013-01-09 Thread Fungal Style
Jeff, yes have read up on it and yes fail2ban sounds good and I would like to implement it or similar at some point.. but it seems dog chasing tail explains my life right now :) Brian From: jf...@qzoneinc.com Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2013 08:12:35 -0600 To: blueonyx@mail.blueonyx.it Subject:

[BlueOnyx:11948] Re: Blocking brute force SSH login attempts

2013-01-09 Thread Fungal Style
Kev, I see you have found the ever unanswerable question... how many attempts is too many security vs usability it is a trade off... Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2013 07:24:47 -0700 From: kander...@digital-adrenaline.com To: ja...@slor.net CC: blueo...@blueonyx.it Subject: [BlueOnyx:11945]

[BlueOnyx:14115] Re: Problems installing 5107R

2013-12-16 Thread Fungal Style
Actually i just had the same experience... with the centos 6.4 release of blueonyx 64bit. I am setting up on a vm for testing and have used BO on vms previously with little or no issues. I will try a few thing as the install option i chose was for single drive where normally i would select

[BlueOnyx:14137] Re: BlueOnyx Installation Issues

2013-12-21 Thread Fungal Style
Well an update from my post... I tried in a vm... centos 6.3 bo works but 6.4 asked for the location of source. Now it i mount the 6.3 it will progress... so not likely a driver issue here... maybe image issue? Will try from other location as i believe i grabbed from main US repository. ---

[BlueOnyx:17460] Re: relaying denied

2015-04-26 Thread Fungal Style
Yes, this one got me for a long time... EASY SOLUTION without the use of CNAMES (which are evil) :) Go to site managementSelect your domainselect Serviceselect Email Add the FQDN in the EMAIL SERVER ALIAS field, which is marked as optional This corrected the problem for me, AFTER I had

[BlueOnyx:17464] Re: relaying denied

2015-04-27 Thread Fungal Style
Maybe you misread... without the use of CNAMES I have had the same issues for a long time and seen forums and mailing list posts where people have gone to many lengths to get it to work and the simple act of following the DNS entries on the link you provided and the steps I provided solved the

[BlueOnyx:18084] Re: Mysterious /web ownership change

2015-07-23 Thread Fungal Style
I happened to read this email chaimn today and I experienced the same thing a few times. It appeared to happen around the time of updates being done to the server via yum. In my scenario the pages would not translate the PHP code to create the page as expected and I had to switch between one

[BlueOnyx:20685] Re: Mail to Microsoft Customers

2017-02-20 Thread Fungal Style
Personally I have no issues, it does appear that you may be on some form of black list or sending too many emails too quickly to Yahoo Inc, ot Microsoft Inc domains… they are different companies. Microsoft’s suggestion of : Mail rejected by Outlook.com for policy reasons. Reasons for rejection

[BlueOnyx:21245] Fail2ban and/or dfix2 or something else is blocking me?

2017-08-08 Thread Fungal Style
Hi all, Just had a bit of a late night and just as I was going to sleep I lost connectivity to the server. I was doing some work on a content management system which may or may not be relevant, but it was likely to be intensive on the disk access as it was deleting around 50 photo images. I

[BlueOnyx:21246] Re: Fail2ban and/or dfix2 or something else is blocking me?

2017-08-08 Thread Fungal Style
the firewall running (although it is only a test server, I still want to work out what happened in case I get the same issue on a production server). Regards Brian From: Blueonyx <blueonyx-boun...@mail.blueonyx.it> on behalf of Fungal Style <wa...@hotmail.com> Reply-To: BlueOnyx Gen

[BlueOnyx:21248] Re: Fail2ban and/or dfix2 or something else is blocking me?

2017-08-09 Thread Fungal Style
Laat" <blueonyx-boun...@mail.blueonyx.it on behalf of mdl...@muisnetwerken.nl> wrote: Hi Brian, On 09-08-17 01:17, Fungal Style wrote: > OK, I have the culprit, it is APF firewall, I stopped it and now I can > access the site again, the next steps now would be

[BlueOnyx:21121] Re: What to do?

2017-06-18 Thread Fungal Style
What do you see when you type in the IP address in a web browser (I am assuming you are using an IP address that is routable and assigned to your ESXI)? Did the administrator log in appear previously? Or is this a fresh install and you have ran the network shell script to config the IP, etc?

[BlueOnyx:21532] Upgrading PHP releases.

2017-11-18 Thread Fungal Style
Hi all, I believe I have seen this raised once before but I am buggered if I can locate the thread. As per http://php.net/supported-versions.php anything prior to PHP 5.6 has not been supported for some time, I was wanting to quickly set up a box to test out an application without deploying

[BlueOnyx:21534] Re: Upgrading PHP releases.

2017-11-19 Thread Fungal Style
Michael, I have actually purchased 2x of the complete packages (I have also known Greg K for many years), this was for a one off test and I did not want to uninstall from my other servers, I may have to look at another way to do it then with a different distro then test in the live environment