[steering-discuss] Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

2011-09-28 Thread Hirano Kazunari
I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - Hirano Hirano Kazunari I18n/L10n Community Contributor at OpenSolaris Japan Confirm that you know Hirano Kazunari: https://www.linkedin.com/e/-ie3hkw-gt480ob1-55/isd/4381547935/xwFyVkPY/?hs=falsetok=31KLZTWon5-QU1 -- You are

[steering-discuss] Running for a BoD-Seat at the TDF

2011-09-28 Thread Andreas Mantke
Hi all, I'll announce my candidacy for a Board of Directors seat at The Document Foundation Who am I? I'm Andreas Mantke, 52 years old, maried and father of two boys. I live in Duisburg, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. I work for a social security institution called Deutsche