Re: [board-discuss] BoD call on Wednesday

2012-07-23 Thread Andreas Mantke
Hi, I'm not available for the call this Wednesday. Regards, Andreas Am 23.07.2012 13:19, schrieb Olivier Hallot: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi I also have to ask one of our deputies to step in as I will be in a giving a lecture on FOSS event. I'll ask Andreas Mantke,

[board-discuss] Preliminary notice: Formal board meeting during LibOCon

2012-07-23 Thread Florian Effenberger
Dear members of the Board, according to ยง 9 I of our statutes, [1] the board has to hold one formal meeting per year, with a formal invitation issued two weeks before, and the agenda fixed at the same time. This is a PRELIMINARY NOTICE that we intend to hold that formal meeting during the