[board-discuss] Candidate nomination

2015-11-24 Thread Charles-H. Schulz
Dear members of the Foundation, I would like to nominate Simon Phipps as candidate to the board of directors of the Document Foundation. Simon is not only a former executive of Sun Microsystems and an Open Source Software renowned expert; he has been a contributor to the LibreOffice project

[board-discuss] Running for a Board of Directors Seat at the TDF

2015-11-24 Thread Andreas Mantke
Hello, I'll run for a Board of Directors seat at the Document Foundation again. I'm Andreas Mantke, now 56 years old, and I live in Duisburg, North-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany. I'm unaffilated. This means I don't work for a company doing business around LibreOffice nor do I earn any money from my

[board-discuss] Candidacy

2015-11-24 Thread Joel Madero
Dear Members, I have been honored to serve nearly two years as a Director of TDF and will be seeking another two year term. I've been a volunteer for the project since late 2011, early 2012. I began my journey into the project as a relatively early member of the Quality Assurance team. There I