Re: [board-discuss] Plone site & grief

2018-11-09 Thread Thorsten Behrens
Hi Andi, *, I think this might be a good occasion to ask our CoC volunteers for help (in Cc) - some sort of moderation is perhaps possible? My offer to get on the phone still stands; but it seems (from the below) I'm also party to the problems, so perhaps best if taken to a more neutral ground

[board-discuss] Plone site & grief

2018-11-09 Thread Andreas Mantke
Hello all, Am 05.11.18 um 23:50 schrieb Thorsten Behrens: > Hi Andi, > > first off, I'm very sorry these things seem to have taken a turn for > the worse. > that's most often the outcome of a 'special' way of communication. > I'm trying to move this part of the discussion now off the design

[board-discuss] Updated representation statement

2018-11-09 Thread Marina Latini
I, Marina Latini, elected member and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of The Document Foundation, hereby and until further notice, nominate the following deputies to represent me during board calls and meetings, in the order set forth below: 1. Jan Holešovský 2. Simon Phipps