[board-discuss] Re: COSCUP Taiwan

2017-05-04 Thread Franklin Weng
Hi, 2017-05-05 0:04 GMT+08:00 Italo Vignoli <it...@libreoffice.org>: > COSCUP is the largest open source event in Taiwan, and is planned for > August 5/6 in Taipei. The schedule will be based on tracks, which will > be organized and managed by open source communities. Based on

[board-discuss] Self nomination for BoD

2017-11-22 Thread Franklin Weng
erent ways. --- separate line --- Full name: Franklin Weng   (Weng, Chia-Chi on my passport) e-mail address: frank...@goodhorse.idv.tw, frank...@libreoffice.org Affiliation: Software Liberty Association Taiwan The candidacy statement: "If I'm elected as a member of BoD, firstly I'll do m

[board-discuss] Re: Acceptance of BoD role

2017-12-20 Thread Franklin Weng
Hi everyone, Here is my statement to accept the position: I, Franklin Weng, elected Director of the Board of The Document Foundation, hereby accept this position within the Stiftung bürgerlichen Rechts "The Document Foundation". My term will start February 18, 2018. Signed: Fra

[board-discuss] Re: Acceptance of BoD role

2017-12-20 Thread Franklin Weng
ection as member of the Board. Then I kindly invite you to officially accept your position in the Board by answering to this message with a "Reply all". I wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year! Kindest regards, --- Gabriele Ponzo, Chairman of the Membership Committee " I,

[board-discuss] Nominate Ahmad Haris to run for next Membership Committee

2018-08-09 Thread Franklin Weng
community.  Therefore running for MC is a good chance, also because he can attract more people for participating FOSS tasks. Name: Ahmad Haris E-mail: ahmadharis1...@gmail.com Affiliation: (left empy to let him fill) Regards, Franklin -- Franklin Weng, Member, Board of Director

[board-discuss] Representation statement

2018-02-28 Thread Franklin Weng
I, Franklin Weng, elected member of the board of directors of The Document Foundation, hereby and until further notice, nominate the following deputies to represent me during board calls and meetings, in the order set forth below: 1. Jan Holešovský 2. Simon Phipps 3. Osvaldo Gervasi

Re: [board-discuss] limited ability to contribute for some time

2018-06-20 Thread Franklin Weng
-unsubscribe/ >Posting guidelines + more: >https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Netiquette >List archive: >https://listarchives.documentfoundation.org/www/board-discuss/ >Privacy Policy: https://www.documentfoundation.org/privacy -- Franklin Weng, Member, Board of Director & Certification Commitee The Doc

Re: [board-discuss] [VOTE] Host the ODF Toolkit project at TDF

2018-11-30 Thread Franklin Weng
Hi, Thorsten Behrens 於 2018年12月1日 週六 01:05寫道: > Dear board, > > as the discussion seems to have calmed down, and also folks over at > Apache seem to be supportive - let me call a vote: > > * TDF to formally offer the ASF to take over the ODF Toolkit project > * by copying the existing github

Re: [board-discuss] Public agenda for TDF board web meeting on Friday, November 23rd, at 1400, Berlin time

2018-11-19 Thread Franklin Weng
) LibreOffice Online for other organizations >> > >> > 2) FOSDEM meeting and agenda >> > >> > 3) quarterly reports >> > >> > >> > >> > If you have something to discuss with the board, please, reply to this >> > message and join us during the meeting. >> > >> > ATB, >> > Marina >> > >> >> -- >> Dr. Heiko Tietze >> UX designer >> Tel. +49 (0)179/1268509 >> >> -- Franklin Weng 中華民國軟體自由協會理事長 LibreOffice 導入專家 LibreOffice 法人代表文件基金會董事、認證委員會委員 KDE 協會成員、歐洲自由軟體基金會成員