Re: [board-discuss] Public agenda for TDF board web meeting on Friday, November 23rd, at 1400, Berlin time

2018-11-19 Thread K-J LibreOffice
Am 19.11.2018 um 11:35 schrieb Simon Phipps: > Since this primarily affects the software would it not be a topic for > the ESC? As the brand and all things around that are also legal stuff, the BoD has to say nothing about it? As the ESC only "provides *technological* guidance on stratetic

[board-discuss] Re: Acceptance of MC role

2018-09-18 Thread K-J LibreOffice
I, Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn, elected Member of the Membership Committee of The Document Foundation, hereby accept this role within the Stiftung bürgerlichen Rechts. My term will start September 19, 2018. Signed: Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn Ich, Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn, gewähltes Mitglied des

[board-discuss] Invitation to in-person board meeting on Monday, September 24, 2018

2018-09-17 Thread K-J LibreOffice
Hi Sophie, Am 10.09.2018 um 09:50 schrieb sophi: > Hi all, > > A side note on this, given migrating to Weblate is a project I would > like to propose for next year, I'd be interested by the requirements > needed by the MC to investigate further on the new tool. Thanks :) The MC always needs the

[board-discuss] Self-nomination for next TDF's MC: Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn

2018-08-08 Thread K-J LibreOffice
Hi all, I want to nominate myself for the next TDF's MC. My statement: " Two times I was voted as a deputy for Membership Committee and I got a member of it both times. I'm living in Germany. So I have some inside view about German law and how curious it can be. At the MC I sometimes push the

Re: [board-discuss] Accepting my role in the Membership Committee

2018-01-22 Thread K-J LibreOffice
Hi Marina, all, Am 22.01.2018 um 16:10 schrieb Marina Latini: As per our statutes § 12 II [1], the deputy that follows next in order of preference will become a full member of the Membership Committee. Based on the last elections[2], Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn is the next elected. I therefore ask

[board-discuss] Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Meeting Minutes for call on Wednesday Jan 10th, at 18:00 Berlin time

2018-01-10 Thread K-J LibreOffice
Am 10.01.2018 um 20:11 schrieb Olivier Hallot: Documentation meeting Minutes Wednesday January 10th 2018 Presents: Dave B, Andreas K, Olivier H. Topics: * Book cover: + By consensus of the presents, book cover #1 will be used. +

[board-discuss] MC Self-Nomination K.-J. Weghorn

2016-08-29 Thread K-J LibreOffice
Dear Members of the Foundation, dear Board Members, I would like to be again a candidate for the Membership Committee. I am a civil engineer and urban planner and therefore more familiar with the user side than with the development. For LibO I'm working e.g on some marketing stuff like the

Re: [board-discuss] Candidacies to the BoD elections so far

2015-11-25 Thread K-J LibreOffice
Hi Daniel, Am 25.11.2015 um 22:00 schrieb Daniel A. Rodriguez: I just thought that is nice to see some faces sorry for the missing picture by the way You've forgotten Joel and Andreas. -- Grüße k-j Member of TheDocumentFoundation

Re: [board-discuss] [ANN] Results for the 2014 Membership Committee election

2014-09-30 Thread K-J LibreOffice
I, Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn, elected deputy member of the Membership Committee of The Document Foundation, hereby accept this position. Signed: Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn -- Grüße k-j Member of TheDocumentFoundation

[board-discuss] Membership Committee candidacy

2014-08-26 Thread K-J LibreOffice
Hi, here is my candidacy for the membership committee. Full Name: Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn nick/screen name: k-j email: Affiliation: none candidacy statement: I want to work with the MC because I'm a volunteer with no nexus to professional developer or support stuff but with

Re: [board-discuss] Design team leads

2014-06-20 Thread K-J LibreOffice
Hi Charles, Mirek, Am 19.06.2014 19:13, schrieb Charles-H. Schulz: Hello Mirek, all, I'm no longer a board member So let us look what the board member told us in former days: I think it was (and is) a good description