Re: Brin: Is the Large Hadron Collider under attack from the future? It's operators think so...

2009-10-21 Thread KZK
New York Times: The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate [When the LHC is powered on after a year of repairs after an accident shut it down] it will be time to test one of the most bizarre and revolutionary theories in science. I'm not talking

Re: Brin: Dark Matter / Energy in Doubt

2009-10-21 Thread KZK
This paper (pdf) shows how MOG (Modified Gravity or Scalar-Tensor-Vector) theory explains the Bullet cluster 'proof' of dark matter without dark matter: This article argues, weakly, that the apparent acceleration of the universe can be explained without

Weekly Chat Reminder

2009-10-21 Thread William T Goodall
The Brin-L weekly chat has been a list tradition for over ten years. Way back on 27 May, 1998, Marco Maisenhelder first set up a chatroom for the list, and on the next day, he established a weekly chat time. We've been through several servers, chat technologies, and even casts of regulars over