[Brmlab] Zarivka

2018-08-11 Tema obsahu Juraj Saksun
Ahojte, nainstaloval jsem dnes na test v socroomu jednu LED zarivku co jsem koupil. Pozna se podle toho ze vedlejsi nesviti. Pry tam jeste nekde je jedna z Datartu ale tu jsem nevidel. jerry ___ Brmlab mailing list Brmlab@brmlab.cz

Re: [Brmlab] [Biolab] Interview About Startups Rising from DIY Biology Labs

2018-08-11 Tema obsahu Jiri Dluhos
Hi Noga, we are very pleased that our bio efforts sparked your interest! (CC'ing this mail to all brmlab as I'm asking others to comment) The most suitable person to answer your questions are probably Chidori or Tomsuch, the founders of biolab (both are cc'ed and I hope they will find time to