Re: filename pattern case-insensitive, but why?

2009-09-23 Thread Richard Leeden
Mike Stroyan wrote: On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 02:36:30AM -0700, thahn01 wrote: Hello, If I try something like: $ touch a.c b.c A.c $ ls [a-z]*.c a.c A.c b.c then I get A.c in the output, even if no capital letters are to be found. The [a-z] range expression matches characters between a

Re: Bash 4.0.0 crash on completion

2009-03-30 Thread Richard Leeden
André Johansen wrote: Description: When using tab-completion, Bash crashes. I'm using the bash_completion package from ... Repeat-By: Press tab to get a completion; if Bash enters a programmed completion (i.e. not a simple file

Re: Completion crashes the shell

2009-03-02 Thread Richard Leeden
Chris F.A. Johnson-3 wrote: This completion function worked in previous versions, but fails in bash4.0 when I press TAB: _cpsh() { COMPREPLY=( ` cd $HOME/scripts || return 3 printf %s\n ${COMP_WORDS[$COMP_CWORD]}*-sh` ) COMPREPLY=(

Re: Problem with function cd in bash 4.0

2009-02-26 Thread Richard Leeden
Chet Ramey wrote: Interesting. This happens only on Linux. FreeBSD, MacOS X, and Solaris all interrupt and return to $PS1. Chet Actually, this was happening for me on Solaris too, so looks like not just a Linux thing. But your patch fixed the issue on Solaris as well. Richard --

Re: Problem with function cd in bash 4.0

2009-02-24 Thread Richard Leeden
Chet Ramey wrote: I posted a patch for this earlier. Look at and see if it fixes things for you. Chet Ah yes, that was indeed the problem. Fixed for me as well now. Thanks. -- View this message in context: