Re: [bug-gnulib] Re: [PATCH] mmap-anon.m4: use proper macro condition

2005-05-02 Thread Moriyoshi Koizumi
On 2005/05/02, at 16:25, Mark D. Baushke wrote: Many thanks to Paul Eggert [EMAIL PROTECTED] who committed the patch to gl_FUNC_MMAP_ANON to check for message, not for MAP_ANON. I have updated the feature branch of CVS on to use the new version of the m4/mmap-anon.m4 file. Both

Re: [PATCH] Improve pam header detection

2005-04-26 Thread Moriyoshi Koizumi
On 2005/04/26, at 6:52, Mark D. Baushke wrote: Hi Moriyoshi, I have committed your patch to allow --enable-pm to work on MacOS X to the CVS trunk. Thank you for the attention. I'll check out the next release. Moriyoshi ___ Bug-cvs mailing

[PATCH] mmap-anon.m4: use proper macro condition

2005-04-23 Thread Moriyoshi Koizumi
Hello, Attached is a patch against 1.12.12 that fixes the MMAP_ANON detection problem in mmap-anon.m4 that would lead to unexpected memory exhausted error on several platforms. Hope this helps anyway. Regards, Moriyoshi ___ Bug-cvs mailing list

[PATCH] Improve pam header detection

2005-04-23 Thread Moriyoshi Koizumi
Hello, The second patch is to handle the case where PAM headers are installed in $INCLUDES/pam/ rather than $INCLUDES/security/ . Perhaps I was missing something, but I didn't manage to get it built without this patch on MacOS X, with --enable-pam specified. Hope this helps anyway, too. Regards,