[BVARC] Cushcraft R9, $200.

2018-03-13 Thread DAVID M GRAY JR via BVARC
I would like to sell my assembled R9 vertical antenna. I purchasd it in Sept. 17, 2017; a case of optimism getting ahead of reality. I’ll sell it to anybody willing to take it apart in my back yard. A good deal at $200. David Gray K5HEC 832-849-9473 I’m in Lakes on Eldridge

[BVARC] Optibeam OB11-3 Tribander beam with 11 elements for 10, 15 and 20m for sale

2018-03-13 Thread NIzar Mullani via BVARC
I just took down my OB 11-3 Optibeam antenna (http://www.optibeam.info/index.php?article_id=65 =1 ) to replace it with another Optibeam antenna with 40 meter capability. The OB 11-3 antenna is only five years old and is in excellent shape. It is

Re: [BVARC] Flex 5000A For Sale

2018-03-13 Thread Scott Royall via BVARC
Wish I could. From: BVARC On Behalf Of Gary Sitton via BVARC Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 13:10 To: BRAZOS VALLEY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Cc: Gary Sitton ; rgsolt...@verizon.net Subject: [BVARC] Flex 5000A For Sale FLEX 5000A +

[BVARC] Flex 5000A For Sale

2018-03-13 Thread Gary Sitton via BVARC
FLEX 5000A + goodies for sale: I have been the original and only owner of the 5000.  I have always been a non-smoker.  Here are some particulars of what I am offering: * Combination Assembly Flex 5000A + ATU S/N: 1708-2169 purchased 5/15/2008 * Optional second receiver for Flex-5000A: RX2