[caret-users] help needed

2006-04-11 Thread shantanu ghosh
i have downloaded the caret software from the site but i cannot install it. how can i start? Shantanu Shantanu Ghosh, PhD Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Hauz Khas New Delhi 110016 INDIA Tel.: +91-11-2659 6589 Fax:

Re: [caret-users] help needed

2006-04-11 Thread Donna Dierker
Hi Shantanu, From your registration, I see you are using Windows XP. You will need Winzip or some other software that can extract zip archives. We typically extract the file caret_distribution.v5.33.windows.zip to the C: drive. When it extracts, it will create a caret folder under your C: