Re: [caret-users] help needed

2006-04-19 Thread Donna Dierker
Hi Binyam, See inline responses below. On 04/18/2006 06:28 PM, Binyam Nardos wrote: Dear Caret support, Just started using Caret and I have what might be some elementary questions for you. I have been trying to make the central sulcus landmark appear in my fiducial and inflated surfaces

RE: [caret-users] help needed

2006-04-19 Thread Binyam Nardos
Hi Donna, Please see inline responses. Thanks for your help, Binyam -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] on behalf of Donna Dierker Sent: Wed 4/19/2006 8:35 AM To: Caret, SureFit, and SuMS software users Subject: Re: [caret-users] help needed Hi Binyam, See inline responses

Re: [caret-users] posting

2006-04-19 Thread Donna Dierker
Jason, I'm getting ready to walk out the door (I get in around 7am), and a file named fordonna.tar.gz was just uploaded -- presumably from you. I looked at it, and with sane file selections, I don't see the black hole you described. Make sure you're using the topo that doesn't begin with