Re: [caret-users] Re: Deforming borderprojection files

2006-05-12 Thread Donna Dierker
Hi Terry, You're in territory I fear to tread. I've never done a cross-species registration myself, but in theory it's doable. Like you, I'm guessing the route from PALS_B12 to F99UA1 will be through Colin. If you search for filename F99UA1 and file

[caret-users] Caret/SureFit memory problem

2006-05-12 Thread Sarang S. Dalal
I'm trying to use the SureFit segmentation, and it always stops with an out of memory message, both on my 1GB MacBook (intel Mac) and 2GB Red Hat Linux workstation. I'm starting with a standard human MRI in Analyze (hdr/img) format, with 1x1x1.5 mm (128 x 128 x 62 voxels). Then I defined