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2006-05-31 Thread Donna Dierker
Hi Jason, Not everyone knows about these handy command line utilities: /146Gb/caret_distribution/caret/bin/caret_copy_spec /146Gb/caret_distribution/caret/bin/caret_map_fmri /146Gb/caret_distribution/caret/bin/mpeg_encode /146Gb/caret_distribution/caret/bin/mpeg_play

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2006-05-31 Thread Donald McLaren
Jason, Out of curiosity, what statistics do you plan on performing on surface nodes? Best Regards, Donald McLaren = D.G. McLaren Washington University in St. Louis - School of Medicine Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology Tel: (314) 362 3555 Tel: (773) 406 2464 Fax: (314)