[caret-users] A Question about Spherical Registration

2007-02-21 Thread Reza Rajimehr
Dear caret-users, I did the spherical registration of an individual human brain to the human PALS atlas. I used the following dataset as the target atlas brain: http://sumsdb.wustl.edu:8081/sums/archivelist.do?archive_id=6057499 A new deformed .spec file has been generated. However, it has only

Re: [caret-users] A Question about Spherical Registration

2007-02-21 Thread Donna Dierker
Hi Reza, The atlas target dataset you used was the right one, but it is a stripped down version that minimizes the number of files that get deformed from the atlas to the individual's directory. (Some people want to look at the atlas paint or border files on their individual's surface, so

[caret-users] help

2007-02-21 Thread josera...@inwind.it
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