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2006-06-05 Thread Jason D Connolly
Dear Donna, Thank you for your assistance regarding the caret command line utilities. The 'caret_map_fmri' utility works like a charm. We now have many, many statistical maps (.metric files). Therefore, a slow down is caused by having to enter and execute the 'apply deformation map' utility

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2006-06-05 Thread Donna Dierker
Thank John Harwell for the handy dandy feature: caret_command -surface-deformation-apply The attached script calls this command on a bunch of files. You may need to get an updated version of caret_command, if your version doesn't have it. It's roughly April vintage (i.e., when we were

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2006-05-31 Thread Donna Dierker
Hi Jason, Not everyone knows about these handy command line utilities: /146Gb/caret_distribution/caret/bin/caret_copy_spec /146Gb/caret_distribution/caret/bin/caret_map_fmri /146Gb/caret_distribution/caret/bin/mpeg_encode /146Gb/caret_distribution/caret/bin/mpeg_play

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2006-05-31 Thread Donald McLaren
/2006 4:06 PM To: Caret Users; Clayton Curtis Subject: [caret-users] [SPAM] posting Dear David or Donna, We hope to import a large number of externally generated beta maps into caret and then generate surface statistics. Is there any way to execute map volume(s) to surface(s) at the command line