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2014-10-14 Thread Dr. Aditya Tri Hernowo, Ph.D
Dear users experts, Does anyone have any experience with reconstructing the cortex on 0.5mm resolution T1 images? I am still having problems with the very long time it takes to perform automatic error correction (more than 3 hours before the software finally crashed). Regards, Aditya

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2014-10-14 Thread Donna Dierker
Hi Aditya, On monkeys, yes. Humans, no. The SureFit algorithm that is in Caret's segmentation feature was designed for cubic 1mm human data. It worked reasonably well on higher res monkey data, but some of the subroutines will likely break on higher res human data (e.g., disconnecting eye,

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2014-10-14 Thread Colin Reveley
Hi - in order to work with hi res monkey data (250um) I manually removed the cerebellum and hindbrain. there was no skull etc. similarly for freesurfer. surefit might take some time. It did work with manual removal and a lot of time manually editing voxels. downsampling to 1mm and running

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2014-10-14 Thread David Van Essen
Alternatively, you may find that FreeSurfer will work better for your current needs. Matt Glasser and others have gotten it to work reasonably well on macaque structural images. David On Oct 15, 2014, at 2:38 AM, Donna Dierker do...@brainvis.wustl.edu wrote: Hi Aditya, On monkeys, yes.