WCF Facility Programatical Creation of TCP Mex Endpoint

2009-04-08 Thread Maxus
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Re: WCF Facility Programatical Creation of TCP Mex Endpoint

2009-04-09 Thread Maxus
? On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 8:16 AM, Maxus rtypestud...@gmail.com wrote: Hi Craig, Thanks for taking the time to look at my problem, I literally just found that while hunting around, I think I'm close but still just missing the goal.   using (windsorContainer.AddFacilityWcfFacility(f

Re: Castle DynamicProxy 2.1 RTM is now available

2009-05-06 Thread Maxus
Congrats! Awesome news. -M On May 4, 9:27 pm, Jonathon Rossi j...@jonorossi.com wrote: It is out. See this blog post for details:http://jonorossi.com/blog/archive/2009/05/04/castle-dynamicproxy-2.1-... I am currently updating the Castle web site with the download details. -- Jono