[Catalyst] Checking if I can visit a URL

2010-12-24 Thread Ton Voon
Hi! I'm using Catalyst::ActionRole::ACL successfully - thanks for a great addition to Catalyst. In my templates, I'd like to check if I can get to a specific action because I only want to show links where you can go to. At the moment, I am using the equivalent role information (eg, $c-

Re: [Catalyst] Catalyst needs Advent Calendar Volunteers!

2010-11-17 Thread Ton Voon
On 17 Nov 2010, at 18:01, Devin Austin wrote: It's that time again. Catalyst needs volunteers for the Advent Calendar, so we need both article authors and cat herders to make sure we have articles for each day. I'll commit to writing one re: how Opsview does i18n with Catalyst (which I

Re: [Catalyst] I18N with variables

2010-08-06 Thread Ton Voon
On 6 Aug 2010, at 15:57, Bill Moseley wrote: I've been arguing with work about how to key our text. So far we continue to use the English in the loc() tags in the templates, and then the I18N team uses a script to pull out this text which gets sent to translation services. For Opsview

Re: [Catalyst] I18N with variables

2010-08-04 Thread Ton Voon
On 2 Aug 2010, at 06:08, Julien Sobrier wrote: Hello, I've started to translate my website using Catalyst::Plugin::I18N. It works fine for static text. Bu I can't make it work for variables. For example, I need to a translation for [% foo %] where for can take a set of values defined in a

Re: [Catalyst] Trapping exceptions in Catalyst.pm

2010-08-04 Thread Ton Voon
On 2 Aug 2010, at 07:49, Bill Moseley wrote: In execute() there's this code: eval { $c-state( $code-execute( $class, $c, @{ $c-req- args } ) || 0 ) }; $c-_stats_finish_execute( $stats_info ) if $c-use_stats and $stats_info; my $last = pop( @{ $c-stack } ); if ( my

Re: [Catalyst] I18N with quotation marks

2009-07-08 Thread Ton Voon
On 2 Jul 2009, at 09:35, Ton Voon wrote: Does everyone agree this makes sense? If so, any objections if I add this to http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/best_practices? I've added a section at http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/best_practices now. This includes Jose Luis

[Catalyst] I18N with quotation marks

2009-07-01 Thread Ton Voon
Hi! I wanted to find out how other people are handling this problem. I am localising our app, which consists of strings in html and in dynamic javascript snippets. However, if the translated value contains quotations (such as: s'il vous plait), then it could break the HTML: select

Re: [Catalyst] Killing the standalone perl server programatically

2009-06-15 Thread Ton Voon
On 12 Jun 2009, at 15:31, Stefan Washietl wrote: Kieren Diment wrote: sub quit : Local { exit 1; } This is exactly what I tried and would be the prefered solution. Sorry if I only implicitely mentioned that I use the -fork option. In that case it does not work, or more

Re: [Catalyst] using Catalyst with legacy cgi scripts

2007-12-10 Thread Ton Voon
On 7 Dec 2007, at 19:53, Ashley Pond V wrote: Please do put this up. I can definitely see using it (maybe on something right now) and I think many others would end up using it in a Registry.pm-like way to segue into a shinier codebase. Any new trails on the migration path to Cat help

Re: [Catalyst] using Catalyst with legacy cgi scripts

2007-12-07 Thread Ton Voon
Hi Gerda, On 7 Dec 2007, at 16:27, Gerda Shank wrote: I'm developing some new parts of our web application in Catalyst, but when it comes time to deploy it will have to coexist with a bunch of legacy Perl cgi scripts. Eventually I'd like to replace them all, but it will have to be done