[cayugabirds-l] Lab of O Waterthrush

2014-04-11 Thread Brad Walker
Hi all, There was a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH on the Wilson Trail North this morning. It called several times as it passed over the trail and landed along the northern leg of the stream at the footbridge. There was also a Canada Goose on its nest and four AMERICAN WIGEON flew into the back pond. -

[cayugabirds-l] Cornell Arboretum Ring-necked Ducks, Bufflehead

2014-04-11 Thread Marie P. Read
Hi all, Thursday morning, the pond in the Cornell Plantations Arboretum held three Ring-necked Ducks (2 males, 1 female) and a male Bufflehead. They have been there a couple of days, swimming around and diving for food, and fairly approachable if anyone wants a close look. Otherwise, many of

[cayugabirds-l] Song sparrow and Peepers

2014-04-11 Thread Michele Mannella
This morning at around 5:45 we were serenaded by a lovely SONG SPARROW with peepers (in stereo) in the background. Day two for peepers. Finally! Michele Interlaken / Ovid --- www.thehaywardhouse.com www.bodyshopwellness.com

RE: [cayugabirds-l] Song sparrow and Peepers

2014-04-11 Thread Meena Madhav Haribal
My Song Sparrow also arrived today morning and he was singing his heart out. I know it is the same guy because his song seems to be the same. I recorded him among the traffic noise. But will confirm it later with the songs of the previous years that I have recorded. Meena From:

[cayugabirds-l] Osprey - Nest Building?

2014-04-11 Thread Christopher T. Tessaglia-Hymes
This morning, as I was driving along Game Farm Road (East Hill, Ithaca) from Ellis Hollow Road to Route 366, I observed an in-flight Osprey carrying a stick. The bird landed atop one of the six floodlight poles for the Cornell soccer fields closest to Ellis Hollow Road. Specifically, it landed

[cayugabirds-l] Ruby crowned Kinglet

2014-04-11 Thread Laura Stenzler
Lots of new Yardbirds this morning. Ruby crowned and golden crowned Kinglet. Fieldsparrow. Chipping sparrow. Flicker. Great blue heron. Tree swallows at our boxes. Happy Spring! Hunt Hill Road east of Ithaca. Laura Laura Stenzler l...@cornell.edu -- Cayugabirds-L List Info:

[cayugabirds-l] Phoebe!

2014-04-11 Thread Mo Barger Rooster Hill Farm
I am sitting in my office up by the airport with a window open and there is a very vocal phoebe out there! -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsRULES

[cayugabirds-l] Goetchius Snipe winnowing

2014-04-11 Thread Marie P. Read
At the FLLT's Goetchius Preserve this morning (10:10-ish) I heard and then located and watched a Wilson's Snipe performing its winnowing aerial display. The flight continued for at least 15 minutes. Later I heard the distinctive repeated calls that the species gives while perched. Also

[cayugabirds-l] Bohemian Waxwing, Downtown Ithaca

2014-04-11 Thread Jay McGowan
Matt Young just called to say he has found at least one BOHEMIAN WAXWING in a large flock of Cedars on Cleveland Street in Ithaca, next to Taste of Thai Express. -- Jay McGowan Macaulay Library Cornell Lab of Ornithology jw...@cornell.edu -- Cayugabirds-L List Info:

[cayugabirds-l] Audubon Relative to Speak at the Montezuma Audubon Center Sat. April 12 @ 10 am

2014-04-11 Thread Chris Lajewski
On Saturday, April 12 at 10 am, Lucy Winters Durkin, the great, great granddaughter of John James Audubon, will speak about Audubon's life and the story behind his incredible work of art entitled Birds of America at the Montezuma Audubon Center (2295 State Route 89 Savannah, NY). Stick around

[cayugabirds-l] Osprey

2014-04-11 Thread Carol Keeler
It seems the Osprey have reclaimed their former nest at Mud Lock. It's nice that they have returned to their former nesting site. With so many Osprey around I figured a pair would claim it sooner or later. The Osprey pair on the rt. 89 bridge have begun to rebuild their nest on the same side

[cayugabirds-l] Martin

2014-04-11 Thread Carol Keeler
Also, there was a lone Purple Martin at the Visitor's Center. Sent from my iPad -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsRULES http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsSubscribeConfigurationLeave.htm ARCHIVES:

[cayugabirds-l] Dryden Lake, etc.

2014-04-11 Thread Susan Fast
Late afternoon, I stopped by Dryden Lake.  The only new bird was a male LONG-TAILED DUCK, still mostly in winter plumage.  There are more HORNED and PIED-BILLED GREBES scattered over the lake than I'm used to seeing. Then stopped at the Pond with no birds (next to Rt. 38, just south of Dryden

[cayugabirds-l] Louisiana Waterthrush

2014-04-11 Thread W. Larry Hymes
This evening Sara Jane and I took a walk in Upper Buttermilk. As we approached the outflow for Lake Treman, we were wonderfully surprised to hear a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH singing. After soaking up the bird's beautiful sounds, we continued up to the lake, where we found a pair of COMMON