[cayugabirds-l] Ruffed grouse youngsters

2017-08-04 Thread Gladys Birdsall
Today we were delighted to see 5 Ruffed Grouse juveniles go across our backyard on Mt. Pleasant. They ran/flew/scurried one by one across the open area. From under our solar panels to the safety of the bushy area across the yard.Great to see they have been successful. I hear the

Re:[cayugabirds-l] Michigan Hollow Marsh

2017-08-04 Thread Geo Kloppel
A few days ago I wrote: > Paddling in Michigan Hollow right now. In case anyone is puzzled, this is _not_ the North Spencer Marsh down in Tioga County, it's the big sedge marsh at the _north_ end of Michigan Hollow, centered about 2.5 miles south of the Danby Town Hall. In its present form

[cayugabirds-l] Bonaparte hill

2017-08-04 Thread Carol Keeler
There's one out of breeding plumage with the caspian terns at Eaton Marsh. Sent from my iPhone -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsRULES