[cayugabirds-l] Backyard drama--Flicker escapes Cooper's Hawk attack

2019-06-07 Thread AB Clark
More than attack—the hawk had the flicker in its claws on our backyard lawn area where the attack apparently had taken place, but was struggling to get up. With Flicker flapping and “peep-peep-peeep”ing, they were sweeping at ground level across the lawn toward the “old field’ vegetation and

[cayugabirds-l] Northern Rough-winged Swallow

2019-06-07 Thread Elaina M. McCartney
A first yard bird for me, a Northern Rough-winged Swallow where there are often Barn Swallows hanging out under the docks. https://www.flickr.com/photos/emccartney/48020995866/ Elaina -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME