[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl flew west

2019-02-06 Thread Sandy
I went looking for the Barred Owl yesterday at 3:45-4:10pm. There was a Pileated Woodpecker calling, and I could not find the owl where Mark had described. As I walked back to my car, the woodpecker call intensified; and I heard a scuffle high in the trees, then saw a large grey-backed bird fly

Re: [cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl still there

2019-02-05 Thread Donna Lee Scott
Barred Owl still in same pine tree, dozing but looking down at me now & then. Wish I had brought hiking stick for slippery path! Other "oldsters" may want to bring one! Donna Scott Lansing Sent from my iPhone On Feb 5, 2019, at 10:30 AM, Chris R. Pelkie mailto:chris.pel...@cornell.edu>> wrote:

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl still there

2019-02-05 Thread Chris R. Pelkie
At about 10:10am today, the BARRED OWL reported by Mark and Bob is still sitting in the lone pine by the Sapsucker Woods Wilson Trail shelter. Easily spotted approaching from the East as it is on the 2nd big needled branch up from ground on South side of tree, 2’ from trunk. Harder to see

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl in Sapsucker Woods

2019-02-04 Thread bob mcguire
I’d like to thank Mark Chao for his timely report of a snoozing BARRED OWL in Sapsucker Woods this noon. Later in the afternoon I slipped/shuffled along the trail in from SSW Road towards the lone white pine with the roosting owl. Along the way I scored a near-perfect suite of woodpeckers:

[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl dissection

2018-02-08 Thread Johnson, Alyssa
Mar. 3, Saturday, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Owl Dissection & Discussion Workshop Please join the Audubon staff for our first public owl dissection and discussion! Learn how we came to be in possession of these federally protected birds and about the management efforts that are occurring in the

[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl impersonator

2017-04-27 Thread Brad Walker
Hi all, Was anyone doing a barred owl impersonation at about 820 this morning on the east side of Sapsucker Woods? I'm just wondering if I should put it on my list or not. Thanks -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME

Re: [cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2017-01-29 Thread rachelhogancamp810
I saw three of the four of them last weekend. There were a few other folks around watching them as well. Haven't had the chance to get back this week. Sent from my iPhone > On Jan 29, 2017, at 10:21 AM, Yvonne Fogarty wrote: > > Has anyone recently seen the snowy

RE: [cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2017-01-29 Thread Marty Schlabach
-121185225-3494...@list.cornell.edu] On Behalf Of Yvonne Fogarty Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2017 10:21 AM To: Donna Lee Scott <d...@cornell.edu> Cc: bmcgu...@clarityconnect.com; CAYUGABIRDS-L <cayugabird...@list.cornell.edu> Subject: Re: [cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl Has anyone recently seen th

Re: [cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2017-01-29 Thread Yvonne Fogarty
Has anyone recently seen the snowy owls that were in the Seneca Falls area? Thanks, Yvonne Sent from my iPad > On Jan 29, 2017, at 8:56 AM, Donna Lee Scott wrote: > > Sometimes in the Cypress woods of Corkscrew Audubon Swamp in S. Florida we > see Barred Owls active

Re: [cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2017-01-29 Thread Donna Lee Scott
Sometimes in the Cypress woods of Corkscrew Audubon Swamp in S. Florida we see Barred Owls active during daylight. Their calls echo thru the woods. Last time there were 4 Barred Owls. It is fun to show them to others in my scope, along the boardwalk. Sometimes they're so close to b'walk you

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2017-01-28 Thread bob mcguire
At the end of the afternoon I was headed out to run an errand - and came across a Barred Owl foraging at the bottom of the driveway. As I approached in the car it dropped to the ground out of a pine, sat with its feet buried in the snow for a minute, then took off and flew to the southwest.

[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl ssw this am

2016-10-18 Thread Chris R. Pelkie
Sorry for late post but I was walking to frog barn this am when a large bird jumped up From ground to 12' branch,. On trail between parking area gate and fb. Thought Cooper's hawk, stopped, crept forward to find baow staring back w big black eyes Jumped in truck and drove here to VA Beach,

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl recall

2016-04-11 Thread Chris R. Pelkie
I’ve been informed by a reliable source that he (human) was doing BARRED OWL (voice not playback I think) from Woodleton at 1pm which explains the location and the lack of finishing growl. Also explains the oddness of a mid-day Strix varia aria. Drat! ChrisP __ Chris Pelkie

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl _SSW, interesting Phoebe call

2016-04-11 Thread Chris R. Pelkie
At 1pm I was just about to set foot on the south end of Podell Boardwalk returning from a lunchtime circuit of the pond but lingered to watch 2 HAIRY WOODPECKER females chasing each other from tree to tree. Interesting that they were both female: much squeaking and peeking but no flicka’ing

[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl calling tonight

2015-05-08 Thread Anne Clark
Maybe I just haven't been out and listening at the right moment, but this is the first I have heard this spring/suddenly summer. Not too far North of the middle of Hile School Road, Freeville. Anne -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2015-05-01 Thread bilbaker
I left the bedroom window open last night for the first time this year and was rewarded by waking up at 4:30am to Barred Owl calling. We heard them last year as well from roughly the same place/direction. Bill Baker - This message was sent using

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2014-09-29 Thread bilbaker
I stepped outside tonight at about 10 PM and immediately heard a Barred Owl calling from the NW. Earlier this year we heard them from th E to SE. Makes me wonder if this is part of the same family group or a new individual... Bill Baker - This message

Re: [cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl at Sapsucker Woods

2014-05-01 Thread Linda Orkin
Nice find Diane! Linda Sent from my iPhone On May 1, 2014, at 7:53 PM, Diane Morton dianegmor...@gmail.com wrote: A Barred Owl checking us out on Severinghaus trail between Wilson Trail and the road. 7:45 pm. -Diane Ken -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: Welcome and Basics Rules and

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl at Severinghaus, SSW

2013-05-30 Thread Diane Morton
We had great looks at a very vocal BARRED OWL, 8:40 p.m. Severinghaus trail, approaching Sapsucker Woods Road. Diane Morton -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsRULES

[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl, Sapsucker Woods

2013-05-01 Thread Jay McGowan
Migrants seem very slow today (Hawthorns were all but dead and Sapsucker Woods isn't much better), but Livia and I just had nice looks at a BARRED OWL with a mouse up on the Severinghaus Trail between the Wilson Trail intersection and the trailhead on the road. It was up in the canopy on the west

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2013-04-13 Thread Tom Hoebbel
holly just heard a Barred Owl here in Brooktondale ...stay hungry, stay foolish. -Steve Jobs Thomas Hoebbel Photo~Video www.TH-Photo.com http://www.th-photo.com/ 607-539-6121 --

[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl

2013-04-10 Thread bob mcguire
With all the talk about using playback to attract owls, I was pleased to hear a Barred Owl calling spontaneously this afternoon in the Ringwood Preserve. Also present were FOY (for me) Chipping Sparrow and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Bob McGuire -- Cayugabirds-L List Info:

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2013-04-07 Thread Gary G. Kohlenberg
It was a little breezy last night for owling, but Ann and I decided to try and continue a fantastic day of birding into the dark. The first two stops on Irish Settlement Rd. didn't produce a single hoot. We drove back on Ellis Hollow Creek Road and were surprised by a spontaneously

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2012-05-23 Thread geokloppel
A Black-billed Cuckoo is singing out in the fog at my place this morning, and I got an uncommonly nice look at one of the neighborhood Barred Owls, whom I surprised in the little creek that flows beside Maple Ave. But there's still no Acadian Flycatcher at the usual location south of Station

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl in Sapsucker Woods?

2012-05-16 Thread Kenneth Victor Rosenberg
Hi all, Another intel question -- has anyone still been seeing the roosting BARRED OWL in Sapsucker Woods during the past few days? We were not able to see it during Migration Celebration bird walks on Saturday, and will full leaf out, it is harder to see into the pines from the trail. If

[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl at Sapsucker Woods

2012-04-24 Thread Brad Walker
The barred owl is in the same pine along sapsucker woods road now that it used last week. -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsRULES http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsSubscribeConfigurationLeave.htm

Re:[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl at Sapsucker Woods

2012-04-24 Thread Brad Walker
Hi all, sorry for the terse email, I was walking with a friend and didn't have much time. This is presumably the same owl that seen last week sitting in the same spot in the same tree (on the Severinghaus trail). If you go o look for it, don't stay too long. The bird flushed after multiple visits

Re: Re:[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl at Sapsucker Woods

2012-04-24 Thread Dave Nutter
The local SFO group on Sunday had a great scope view of a/the Barred Owl as we looked east from the trail between the Wilson Trail and the trail intersection just west of the gate along Sapsucker Woods Rd. A sharp-eyed SFO student at the back of our group discovered it in a distant relatively

Re: Re:[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl at Sapsucker Woods

2012-04-24 Thread NANCY MORGAN
was near her crows nests. Makes a person wish they knew (and saw) more in the lives of these creatures! Nancy Morgan - Original Message - From: Dave Nutter To: Cayugabirds Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 10:20 AM Subject: Re: Re:[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl at Sapsucker Woods

Re: [cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2012-04-16 Thread Paul Anderson
Thanks for pointing this out Tom. This evening on the way home from the CLO seminar I found a Barred Owl right where you describe, about 30 feet up on a branch about a foot out from the main trunk of the tree almost over the trail. -Paul Also this morning there was a Barred Owl in view

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl in yard

2011-12-12 Thread Kenneth Victor Rosenberg
At about 9:30 this evening as I let our dog out in the backyard, I saw a ghost-like shape rise up off the ground and cross the yard. With a flashlight I was able to spot a BARRED OWL hunting actively from the low branches of some trees. I have heard Barred Owl calling from the yard on only 2 or

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2011-04-29 Thread Mary E. Winston
Currently there is a barred owl on the Wilson Trail going towards the gate that leads to Sapsucker Woods Road - it is being harassed by crows. Mary E. Winston Public Outreach Assistant Cornell Lab of Ornithology (607)-254-2473 Travel is fatal to prejuidice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and

[cayugabirds-l] Barred owl at Sapsucker Woods

2011-04-29 Thread M Kardon
We saw a barred owl at Sapsucker Woods about 11 AM today. It was being mobbed by 2 crows (not very successfully). We heard a sapsucker tapping there also. From the Lab viewing area we saw a yellow warbler, a palm warbler, and a common yellowthroat. Fred and Marsha Kardon -- Cayugabirds-L

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl-7:40 am Jan 1

2011-01-01 Thread Laura Stenzler
Good morning, 1 Barred Owl responding to a tape, on Hunt Hill Rd (behind our house) at 7:40 this beautiful morning! Out to count soon Laura Laura Stenzler l...@cornell.edu -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl at Sapsucker Woods

2010-04-30 Thread Paul Anderson
On the Severinghaus trail at about 8:00 this evening as I was approaching the Sapsucker Woods Road entrance, I heard a Barred Owl calling, seemingly coming from the East trail. As I got close to the gate I stopped to listen again and heard the same call, only this time coming from deep in the