Re:[cayugabirds-l] Yellow-billed Cuckoo again

2014-07-02 Thread Geo Kloppel
Again this morning there's a bird around my place in West Danby giving slow hollow calls Kowp... ...Kowp... ...Kowp Patricia asked me which cuckoo it was, and I said I would call it Yellow-billed. Having declared, I had to make an effort to confirm. This time I was able to get very nice

[cayugabirds-l] Yellow-billed Cuckoo again

2014-06-08 Thread Geo Kloppel
I was in Rochester yesterday, but back at home this morning, and still have a Yellow-billed Cuckoo calling. The call is a harsh throaty Kowp Kowp Kowp Kowp Kowp Kowp Kowp Kowp I had decided that I just couldn't describe the differentiation of Black-billed and