[cayugabirds-l] Interesting call

2013-04-13 Thread Meena Madhav Haribal
Hi all, On Tuesday, along Tower Road near Dairy bar, I heard a song, a 3 note trill and ending with down slurred tseew or some times two tseews coming from the pines. I think it is a Junco variation. I recorded with my cell phone video, so it is not a great quality. It is on the youtube at

[cayugabirds-l] Merlin

2013-04-13 Thread Annette Nadeau
Had a MERLIN perched for about a minute at the very top of a snag at the edge of my pond on Burns Road in Brooktondale about 7:30 this morning. It flew off to the northwest. Also this morning, a RUFFED GROUSE was drumming off to the south. And EASTERN BLUEBIRDS are checking out one of the

[cayugabirds-l] OTB: [Eaton Birding Society] There is an American Avocet in breeding plumage...

2013-04-13 Thread Marty Schlabach
From: James Norwalk [mailto:notification+ann4e...@facebookmail.com] Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2013 11:07 AM To: Eaton Birding Society Subject: [Eaton Birding Society] There is an American Avocet in breeding plumage... James Norwalk posted in Eaton Birding

[cayugabirds-l] Evening Grosbeaks, Hammond hill

2013-04-13 Thread Jay McGowan
John Confer asked me to post that he and Karen have at least eight EVENING GROSBEAKS coming to their feeders on the east side of Hammond Hill, just north of Goetchius. Keep an eye out! Jay -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME

[cayugabirds-l] Great feeder day

2013-04-13 Thread John Confer
Evening Grosbeak (5), Redpoll (3), Purple Finch (3), Towhee (1), Tree (2), Song (2), Fox Sparrow (7), Junco (120), Goldfinch (5), very pale and large female Sharshinned Hawk perched at seed feeder, 30+ Turkey with several displaying toms, and yesterday, Sapsucker, Downy, Hairy, Pileated and

[cayugabirds-l] Raven

2013-04-13 Thread W. Larry Hymes
About 15 minutes ago I stepped out of our house on Vine St. (off Mitchell) and was very surprised to hear a RAVEN calling. Are there more than one?? I saw 3-4 large black birds circling in the direction of East Hill Plaza. Couldn't tell for sure what they were, as they disappeared beyond

[cayugabirds-l] GREEN HERON Stewart Park - Renwick lagoon. --Dave ...

2013-04-13 Thread 6072292158
GREEN HERON Stewart Park - Renwick lagoon. --Dave Nutter -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsRULES http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsSubscribeConfigurationLeave.htm ARCHIVES: 1)

[cayugabirds-l] FOY Tree Swallows

2013-04-13 Thread Pete M. Marchetto
A large flock is wheeling over IHS near the Plumber's Pool right now. Sent from my iPhone -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsRULES http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsSubscribeConfigurationLeave.htm

[cayugabirds-l] Bufflehead - Northeast Ithaca

2013-04-13 Thread Scott Haber
There is a lone female Bufflehead hanging out on the tiny pond at the dogleg on Graham Road/Dart drive on the Ithaca-Lansing border. The pond is between Route 13 and Graham/Dart, just behind the Cayuga Mall (with the new Agway, Rite-aid, TJ Maxx etc.) -Scott -- Cayugabirds-L List Info:

[cayugabirds-l] Montezuma Eurasian Wigeon

2013-04-13 Thread Brad Walker
Hi all, Tim Lenz and I just had a male EURASIAN WIGEON way in the back of Tschache Pool. He seemed like he was enjoying himself and willing to stick around for a bit. - Brad -- Cayugabirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/CayugabirdsWELCOME

[cayugabirds-l] grebes, warblers, etc.

2013-04-13 Thread nutter.dave
I spent the late morning and much of the afternoon at Newman Golf Course, the Cornell Biological Field Station (aka Jetty Woods), the whtie lighthouse, Renwick Sanctuary, and Stewart Park.I think the biggest story was the number of grebes. In a single scan from the white lighthouse I saw 31

[cayugabirds-l] Cass Park and Sapsucker Woods, Sat 4/13

2013-04-13 Thread Mark Chao
At around 1 PM on Saturday, I heard a WINTER WREN singing at Cass Park by Union Fields F8. Then in Sapsucker Woods at about 4:30 PM, I found two HERMIT THRUSHES together with two Eastern Phoebes at the intersection of the Severinghaus and Wilson Trails, plus a FIELD SPARROW by Kip's Barn.

[cayugabirds-l] Barred Owl

2013-04-13 Thread Tom Hoebbel
holly just heard a Barred Owl here in Brooktondale ...stay hungry, stay foolish. -Steve Jobs Thomas Hoebbel Photo~Video www.TH-Photo.com http://www.th-photo.com/ 607-539-6121 --

Re: [cayugabirds-l] grebes, warblers, sparrows, snipe, etc.

2013-04-13 Thread Kenneth V. Rosenberg
In addition to seeing Dave Nutter at the end of the lighthouse jetty, I had nearly identical counts as Dave did from Stewart Park shortly after noon today — only my count of HORNED GREBES was even higher than Dave's, as I counted at least 56 including many along the east shore that Dave might

[cayugabirds-l] Saturday birding in and out of the Basin

2013-04-13 Thread Jay McGowan
Hi all, Livia and I started out in Dryden this morning but ended up going around the lake. Highlights were EVENING GROSBEAKS at the Confers on Hammond Hill; the beautiful and cooperative AMERICAN AVOCET along the lakeshore in Geneva (photos soon), along with Red-necked Grebe, Surf and White-winged