[cayugabirds-l] Woodcocks (airport area)

2015-03-28 Thread M K Mannella
Last evening around 8:00 I stopped at the intersection of Snyder and Mohawk behind the Ithaca airport. At least 4 woodcocks (from all directions) were peenting and I could hear at least two skydancing. Fun! Michele -- www.thehaywardhouse.com

[cayugabirds-l] Pine Siskins other 2s

2015-03-28 Thread Donna Lee Scott
2 PINE SISKINS at my feeders this morning, along with 2 C. GRACKLES, 2 B.C. CHICKADEES, 2 HOUSE FINCHES (female), 2 SONG SPARROWS (pair?), 2 WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCHES, 2 BLUE JAYS, 2 BROWN HEADED COWBIRDS, many RED WINGED BLACKBIRDS, including 3-4 females, many GOLDFINCHES CARDINALS, as well

[cayugabirds-l] Rusty blackbirds, etc.

2015-03-28 Thread Suan Hsi Yong
Our SFO group spent the morning at Newman golf course walking towards Jetty Woods, with the inlet hosting a good variety of waterfowl, including GW teals, pintails, gadwalls, redhead, canvasback,etc. A lone BONAPARTE'S GULL hung out cooperatively before flying right in front of us showing of its