Re: [ccache] Making ccache and clang compatible

2012-07-11 Thread Lubos Lunak
On Wednesday 11 of July 2012, Max Horn wrote: On 11.07.2012, at 02:34, Martin Pool wrote: On 5 July 2012 21:35, Mike Frysinger wrote: On Wednesday 04 July 2012 09:53:46 Max Horn wrote: err, -I/-isystem/-D/-U/etc... are preprocessor flags and are valid when running in

[ccache] GCC '@' parameters

2012-07-11 Thread Boie, Andrew P
I've been playing around with using the 3.x series of ccache to speed up Android builds (they by default use an old 2.x prebuilt copy) and have run into an incompatibility where I get 'unsupported compiler option' when the @file parameter is used. Android started using this extensively in Jelly