Re: [ccache] Shared cache (Ubuntu 14, VMWare, TeamCity, gcc)

2016-10-03 Thread Pierre Tardy
Hi Mats, There is a memcached branch here: I've been running a previous version of this for years with great success, and you can see that others also had success with it. Event for 16 agent, you will probably begin to see performance improvment compared

Re: [ccache] Using ccache with memcached

2015-12-07 Thread Pierre Tardy
> > > that isn't what i meant. i don't care about runtime config options but > about (1) the code and (2) build time control. fs should remain in the > source and memcache should be an additional configure flag which allows > the user to select it at runtime. > Ah, ok then we are on the same

Re: [ccache] Using ccache with memcached

2015-12-02 Thread Pierre Tardy
> > > i don't think getting rid out of the fs makes sense, but having memcache > be available dynamically as an additional layer sounds fine. > It does make a lot of sense for me as I have a high performance network, which is faster than local harddrive. So I would insist on keeping an option for

Re: [ccache] CCACHE_NLEVELS , locking and cache size

2013-08-22 Thread Pierre Tardy
On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 2:18 AM, tal zilcer wrote: hi, i recently started using ccache and i have a couple of questions. 1)i did a little experiment with different values of CCACHE_NLEVELS [..] according to the build time results it seems it is better to use low