Re: [ccache] PATCH: Look at include files' mtimes

2012-05-28 Thread Wilson Snyder
I can't say I'm particularly interested in supporting two manifest versions simultaneously I agree that supporting only the latest should be enough. Coming to think of it, perhaps it would be a good idea to include the manifest version in the manifest hash so that ccache versions using

Re: [ccache] PATCH: Look at include files' mtimes

2012-05-28 Thread Wilson Snyder
Allowing multiple versions to co-reside and not trash each other's result would be useful. =A0Presently I need redefine CCACHE_DIR for each version to avoid overlap, which is annoying. [...] From the top of my head, the issues I'm aware of regarding different ccache versions accessing the

Re: [ccache] improving ccache to work with debug symbols?

2011-02-28 Thread Wilson Snyder
For usage of ccache at our company, here is one of our biggest hassles today: even with the CCACHE_BASEDIR feature, users complain when gdb points to files that no longer exist. Independently, a couple of our engineers have proposed the following fix : 1. On a cache miss, generate

[ccache] PATCH: Fix version.c for older gits

2010-09-24 Thread Wilson Snyder
git describe --dirty is a very recent addition. I would suggest the following so that the version works properly on older versions. Thanks! diff --git a/ b/ index d4dc1f7..1a7c00b 100644 --- a/ +++ b/ @@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ XSLTPROC = xsltproc MANPAGE_XSL =

Re: [ccache] ccache-like tool

2010-08-02 Thread Wilson Snyder
I recently released a GPL tool which is, in part, an alternative to ccache and thought I'd drop a line to this list for anyone interested. The front page is at and a comparison with ccache is at

[ccache] PATCH: Add cwd/hostname to logfiles

2010-05-06 Thread Wilson Snyder
patch as it may be less worth adding and it probably needs work for portability. I won't loose sleep if you want to reject it. These are against trunk. From 489d53e4a6b0c4497f389b2e6dcc1b3e4bcef1d1 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Wilson Snyder Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 10:13:03 -0400

[ccache] Corrupt objects from three colliding compiles

2010-05-06 Thread Wilson Snyder
I'm hitting a NFS issue causing bad caching. (And yes, we have no_subtree_check.) This is a bug present in 2.4, but it is also present in trunk b964c173cf493a1c0c0749a9c6a39bc07936507b which is used for the below diagnosis. The issue seems to occur only when there are three compiles on