Re: [ccache] Ccache and cross compilers

2012-07-19 Thread Joel Rosdahl
On 9 July 2012 19:06, DATACOM - Samuel Lucas wrote: [...] I'm wondering if it's safe to use a single ccache directory for both architectures or I must use separated directories for each architecture. The compiler's mtime, size and content are the same for both.

Re: [ccache] ccache problem with CCACHE_BASEDIR

2012-07-19 Thread Eric Blau
On 2012-06-11 07:54, Eric Blau wrote: On 2012-06-10 16:09, Joel Rosdahl wrote: My suggestion is that get_relative_path essentially should stay the same and continue to assume that the paths are well-formed and canonical. make_relative_path (the only caller of get_relative_path) should