[ccache] Radically different ccache performance on Linux vs OSX

2010-09-14 Thread Christopher Tate
We have a large cross-compilation environment that is essentially identical on both Linux and MacOS X hosts. The build system uses ccache to try to reduce redundant recompilation, but we're seeing radically different outcomes on OSX versus Linux hosts. We're still using ccache 2.4. On Linux

Re: [ccache] Stumbling blocks with ccache and embedded/encapsulated environments

2010-12-02 Thread Christopher Tate
On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 9:00 PM, Martin Pool m...@canonical.com wrote: On 11 November 2010 10:56, Christopher Tate ct...@google.com wrote: I don't want to rain on peoples' parade here, because ccache is a great product that has real benefits, but I do want to share some of our findings

Re: [ccache] Problem with using ccache during kernel compilation

2014-01-21 Thread Christopher Tate
If removing the .o files and recompiling results in pulling the .o files out of ccache, but reconfiguring and recompiling does *not*, that implies that the configuration step is literally producing some textually different source file contents each time. Does the kernel configuration include e.g.