[cellml-discussion] curation information

2006-11-13 Thread Matt
From the meeting minutes http://www.cellml.org/meeting_minutes/13.11.2006/ we have: There was discussion about what should be on the CellML roadmap. Peter noted that Matt was also keen on seeing a roadmap get created. Alan thought that curation information should be a high priority on the

Re: [cellml-discussion] CellML API 1.0rc1 (release candidate forCellMLAPI 1.0) out

2006-11-13 Thread Andrew Miller
David Nickerson wrote: Andrew Miller wrote: David Nickerson wrote: I just grabbed the CellML API 1.0rc1 and found that it does not have a configure file. The README that comes with the distribution says to follow the instructions in the INSTALL which talk about the standard

[cellml-discussion] CellML API 1.0r2 (release candidate for CellML API 1.0) out

2006-11-13 Thread Andrew Miller
Hi all, The second release candidate for CellML API, version 1.0, has been released. If you would like to ensure that your application works with the CellML API 1.0 release, please test against the release candidate. Once a reasonable amount of time has elapsed, and no problems with the

Re: [cellml-discussion] [team-cellml] CellML Spec: Non-mandatory units on connections + option of conversions at math level

2006-11-13 Thread Andrew Miller
Matt wrote: Sure. I replied to that earlier thread last night. I haven't seen your post on the list, so I guess it got lost somewhere (the mailman has been delaying my messages for rather random periods of time recently, so I am guessing there is some bottleneck that could also be timing